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Fall Favorites: Baked Ziti

Fall Favorites ALDI

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For this post, we have partnered with ALDI to share one of our most favorite family favorite recipes for warming up on those chilly autumn evenings.

November is such a happy time of year for me, I immediately think warm comfort food, cozy bozy sweaters, rain boots, fall foliage and a license to listen to all the holiday music I want until my heart is content. The first crisp cool breeze and Harvest Moon is always a sentimental time for me because it immediately brings back memories of big fluffy Irish knit sweaters, duck books, fall foliage and The Hunt back in New Jersey. 

But they can be a wee bit somber since family is 3,400 miles away. So I do the next best thing, and embrace creating our own traditions so Kiddo can define, yet customize a similar sense of what autumn will mean to her when she grows up. Sure there are a few things that can’t be substituted, but we can switch around some cookies, debate whether turkey stuffing should have raisins, and still throw in a day of apple picking and hay rides. But there is a fall favorite dish that is not up for negotiations: Baked Ziti for “Sunday Dinner.”

How to Make Baked Ziti Recipe

And the best part? You can make a few trays, toss them in the freezer, and have them as a back-up dinner plan whenever you need. It’s the ultimate dinner!

Have you been to ALDI? It’s an impressive neighborhood grocery store  that offers incredibly high-quality exclusive brands at impressively low prices. But it also prides itself in providing “delicious satisfaction”. It’s backed by a Double Guarantee and saves you up to 50%* over other national brands. For this family-tradition, I’m not only able to serve up a family favorite, but use delicious ingredients at a fraction of the cost. The Double Guarantee makes me feel much better knowing I can trust ALDI and the brand’s quality of products. If for any reasons customers aren’t pleased with an ALDI exclusive brand item, they will refund the cost and replace the product. Now, that’s a great option to have.

How to Make Baked Zit

For starters, I am a big fan of ALDI Stonemill Essentials. I always have my pantry stocked with different dry herbs, spices and flavorings because they not only come in so handy, but I use them for almost every meal. My husband in particular is a HUGE fan of the different flavor mixed salt grinders. Whether we’re making baked ziti, another pasta dish or a different protein for dinner, we have a salt grinder on hand. His favorite being the lemon pepper and mine being the garlic. At ALDI we are able to get it for $1.89, while the cost at our local grocery store is $5.79 for McCormick Garlic Sea Salt Grinder.shoppingihg90-jpg


But I think my favorite Try & Tell item at ALDI is the Priano Rigatoni. If you are a pasta lover, I dare you to “try & tell” the difference between Priano and Barilla. It’s impossible. The taste, quality and texture is identical. 

how to cook baked ziti

You say sauce, I say gravy.

First you must make Grandma’s Sunday Gravy. Feel free to use a jar, but I can’t bring myself yet to do so. Either way, it needs to be made and can be done ahead of time. 

How To Make Baked Ziti Recipe

[yumprint-recipe id=’11’] 

And don’t forget the garlic bread!


Everything we bought for this dinner cost us $43.11 at ALDI. The same ingredients at our local grocery cost us almost $75. The savings are incredible and it is all delicious! Have a local neighborhood ALDI grocer nearby? Make a point to visit and I encourage you to take the Taste & Tell challenge yourself when purchasing ingredients for your next meal. You will be pleasantly surprised and make sure to share your results on social media. Your friends will love the tip!
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