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Eloise at The Plaza Hotel

The Plaza Hotel Eloise Tea

Eloise Plaza Hotel New York Ciy

I am Eloise. I am six. I live at The Plaza Hotel.

Between the ages of 3 and 6, Coco (a.k.a. JetSet Kiddo) was convinced she was the storybook character, Eloise. She did have good reason to think this after all,  I mean she was the child of a travel blogger and quickly became accustomed to a rawther fancy lifestyle by default. Complete with custom-made Eloise costume, from the valet to concierge, she was treated exactly the way Eloise would have been treated all over the world. As we would check into each hotel, she’d instantly become the bestest of friends with GMs and sidekick to the occasional butler when we were lucky, but everyone knew Coco. Until this day, I’m convinced she has some of the most interesting client profiles some hotels have ever seen.

Eloise Plaza Hotel New York Ciy

Eloise Lives at the Tippy Top Floor of The Plaza Hotel

And to Coco, The Plaza Hotel always reminded her of her very own castle. Let’s face it, she may look 11 and sneak my caviar when I’m not looking, but she sure is 6 at heart.


Eloise Plaza Hotel New York Ciy

But what I found most fascinating was watching her grow-up around these environments and noticing how unphased she was. This was life to her. This was not how we intended to raise her, but she quickly fell into a comfort zone of luxury. The beautiful part, she never expected a thing, she was always grateful, and never lost her innocence. She was and still is a kind child.

Eloise Plaza Hotel New York Ciy

Filled with wonder, her face could never hide the exhilaration and genuine excitement as we’d step into the lobby and welcomed by the largest, most beautiful chandelier a child could ever imagine. She found her people, and she found her home. She WAS Eloise. And this was The Plaza.

My needs are few. Food (filet mignon), Shelter (The Plaza Hotel), Clothing (Dior) – Eloise, Kay Thompson

Think Pink. A Better Way of Life.

Sounds like someone else we know, right? So after a few years, Coco and I returned to The Plaza in New York City for her 11th birthday. She could have gone anywhere, but she pleaded for Hamilton, School of Rock, The Met, and her sweet Eloise. And I didn’t mind one bit. Having the chance to hold onto my little girl for as much time as possible is something I cherish. What I did not know was how special our friends at The Plaza would make my overgrown Eloise’s birthday.

Eloise Plaza Hotel New York Ciy

I remember when she wore her Eloise costume for two years straight, even to Disneyland on Halloween and to school as her favorite storybook character. She named every stuffed pug, Weenie, and every turtle, Skipperdee. And I’ve seen Eloise the movie and Eloise the Christmas special more times than I can recall. But seeing her reunited with her long-lost friend was such a deeply special moment of a trip filled with so many amazing surprises and memories.

I Absolutely Love, Love, Love, Tea Parties.

Our favorite part was enjoying afternoon tea on a rainy day at The Palm Court. The pictures say it all, but I’m not sure if they could capture how much SHE missed being a little Eloise all over again. From special birthday cards, and treats, they spoiled her just as they had done as a child, but nothing except another glass of sparkling pink champagne could prepare me for seeing my almost grown-up daughter staring at the famed Eloise painting that hangs in the hall of The Plaza Hotel.

Eloise Plaza Hotel New York Ciy

It was the same Eloise portrait I would stare at as a child when my mother took me for tea. I was lost for words, and tears streamed down the sides of cheeks, proving once and for all, Coco will always be my Eloise.

Eloise Plaza Hotel New York Ciy


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