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Eagles of Death Metal

I still haven’t slept yet. This is my band. Those victims in Paris last night were a part of my community and I consider friends. I’ve seen Eagles of Death Metal perform more times than I can count on two hands. My heart is shattered. It’s torn up in so many pieces right now. How could something like this happen?

As I sit here and pray for my EODM friends + their families, I can’t help to remember all the fun times I have had dancing at their shows. And that is exactly why each one of those victims were at that concert at Bataclan last night. To smile, sing, dance and enjoy life.


It’s a feeling you can’t easily forget. Whenever Boots (Jesse Hughes) + the boys come to town, it’s their show I cannot wait to see. The days leading up to the show is like waiting for Christmas morning. And I’m not the only one. This community is a really big family.

EODM is a band I love introducing friends to, and they all immediately love what they hear.

I’m so angry and sad right now. This is not supposed to happen. Not at a show. Not at THIS show. No. No. No. We flock to EODM concerts to celebrate love, and peace, and just to dance. Because there isn’t a band on this planet that is more fun than these guys. As far as I’m concerned, Rebecca Woolf of Girl Gone Child said it best last night on Facebook:EODM Paris

This past July, I published a post on Mode introducing people to the world of EODM with Ladies + Gentlemen: Eagles of Death Metal. No one cared, barely anyone read it. No one outside of my husband, daughter and close friends recognized the name then, but now they do and for all the wrong reasons.

Ladies + Gentlemen: Eagles of Death Metal

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  • valmg @ Mom Knows It All November 16, 2015

    I love music. How sad for the band and their fans. It is a terrible shame that the band is gaining more attention due to this senseless tragedy.


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