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Duff’s Cake Mix

Duff's Cake Mix Duff Goldman West Hollywood

I am always on the lookout for fun ways to spend afternoons with Kiddo. She had been asking to swing by Duff’s Cake Mix for what seems like an eternity since seeing it on TV, so when they asked us to stop by I made sure to make it happen. Located on Melrose, we had spent the day visiting the LACMA’s famed Rain Room exhibit before heading over to Duff Goldman’s colorful interactive bakery featuring a decorating studio for guests. 

Duff's Cake Mix Duff Goldman West Hollywood

Kiddo was given lots of choices and went to work on creating a special cake for us to bring home. Lots of colors, lots of tools, and lots of love went into this creation. She meticulously crafted each flour and was proud of her finished product. 

Duff's Cake Mix Duff Goldman West Hollywood

It came as no surprise she picked the prettiest shade of pink she could find. She carefully thought about a plan and came up with daisies and emojis. When the emoji cake became harder than she thought, she decided daisies it would be!

Duff's Cake Mix Duff Goldman West Hollywood

Duff’s is a great place for children interested in the culinary arts. It’s a place where they can be as creative as they want with the least amount of mess possible! The cakes and cupcakes are pre-made and can be purchased at the time of your arrival. Reservations are highly recommended. 

Duff's Cake Mix Duff Goldman West Hollywood

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