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Southern Charm: Draper James

Draper James Nashville | Tennessee

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Y’all, we stopped by Draper James in Nashville, TN!

Well fiddle dee dee, to catch up those who have not heard the news yet, Reese Witherspoon introduced her new lifestyle brand and she has fondly named it Draper James in honor of her deep Southern roots. More June Carter and less Elle Woods, Draper James features lots of monograms, magnolias and preppy goodness.

Draper James Nashville, TN

On our southern road trip, Kiddo and I made not one, not two, not three, but FOUR shopping trips to the Nashville store where Reese reminds us that anything is possible with a little lipstick and a smile.

Draper James Nashville, TN

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Draper James Nashville, TN

What would Dolly Do?

Clearly I found all the charm inside the preppy-style Mecca at 12 South which is a well-known shopping area in Nashville. Let’s just say after giving my Amex a serious workout, I fully understand why the Draper James brand is a staple here in Music City. Now if only I could bless my heart for not being able to stay away.

What Would Dolly Do?

You’re immediately greeted the moment you walk through the beautiful blue doors and offered a glass of the most delicious sweet tea courtesy of their next door neighbors, Sprinkles. I also noticed  like most of the places we stayed or saw in Nashville, this store and the products are meant to be Instagrammed. The lighting and the color scheme just pops making refraining from posting on social media almost a cardinal sin.

Draper James Nashville, TN Sweet Tea

Grace + Charm: Life needs more sweet tea and sunshine.

Bless Her Heart

Kiddo may only be 10, but she’s a girl with great taste and knows what she wants. Being the #DraperJamesGirl that she is, she had asked Hubs before she left if she could get specific items at specific stops along our road trip with Nashville being something from Draper James. I didn’t have to watch her like a hawk because all the items were very appropriate, and they were having a big sale that day, but I did try to steer her more towards an accessory rather than clothes.  I wanted her to walk out with something she would have forever and not something that she would grow out of. She’s a lot like me though when it comes to shopping. The second we get into the store we stop, do a quick once over of the entire store and then zone in right on the item we want most.

Shopping at Draper James Nashville, TN

For her, it was this adorable and oh, so popular, Draper James Basket Bag and tassel bag charm. It just screams “JetSet Kiddo” with her signature navy and pink coloring. It’s the perfect size and comes with a removable crossbody strap and hand-woven rattan straw with denim and saffiano trim. I know she’ll have it for years because it truly is a preppy classic. The pushlock flap closure sealed the deal for her, as did the ticking stripe interior with small mirror so she can “put on her face.”

Draper James Basket Bag

These Boots Were Made For Walking

And that’s just what they’ll do. Walk right out of the store with me that is! I had it set in my head that my souvenir from this Nashville road trip would be a pair of cowboy boots. What I didn’t know was that I would find a pair I’d fall head over spurs for at the very first store. I knew in my soul these boots would be mine, but I felt compelled not to cave until I at least went to a few stores. I even bought another pair somewhere else only to return them because I knew it was a huge mistake. Meet my new cowboy boots!

Draper James Nashville, TN

Aren’t they pretty? These beauties are exclusively designed for Draper James by renowned bootmaker Old Gringo and not only look darling, but feel amazing. True to size, these DJ Cowboy Boots give the true meaning to the phrase “Southern Comfort.” Old Gringo is known for its hand-craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. “A true heirloom piece, the DJ Cowboy Boot is constructed from the finest Italian leather in a 135-step process that doesn’t miss a beat.”

Totes Y’all

Speaking of Dolly, I picked up this adorbs “What Would Dolly Do?” tee. I love it and tossed around the idea of picking up one for myself, but I’m only kidding myself if I think I wouldn’t stain that white shirt even before leaving my house! And of course the watermelon pin because, duh? I collect pins from my travels. I also may or may not have gotten this Dunaway Vines large Cheekwood tote because I needed another carry-on for the plane to hold all of our purchases! It was getting close to the point I was going to make Kiddo wear everything she owned onto the plane Joey Tribiani from FRIENDS style 😉 If I could fit only one other thing it would have to be her signature Totes Y’all Vanderbilt bag just because.

So how do you fund all these fun purchases? Don’t forget when shopping for Draper James online to sign up for additional savings on Ebates! To date, I’ve already received $3,500 in rebates for my online purchases and as I hit the publish button this post, Draper James was offering an additional 12% back on Ebates. The best Ebates tip is to make sure you download it to your Chrome toolbar and the discounts will immediately be activated. You start saving without even thinking about it!

Draper James Nashville, TN

Have you visited Draper James? What would you get?

2608 12th Avenue S, Nashville, TN 

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