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WWDD: JetSetFam Goes To Dollywood

Tips for Visiting Dollywood

Greetings from Pigeon Forge!

It’s been a long time since I visited a new amusement park, and I wasn’t sure what to expect when planning this adventure. Considering the only stuff I know about the iconic Dolly Parton happens to be her big screen appearance in the 80’s flick, “9-to-5,” and her tunes “Jolene,” followed by her duet with Kenny Rogers, “Islands in the Stream,” this is all new territory. Either way, I’m not well versed on WWDD, but I want to see all that this Pigeon Forge attraction had to offer.

Tips for Dollywood

It was our first stop in Tennessee after arriving in Knoxville on Kiddo’s way back from Space Camp. Not sure what to expect, we decided to try to do as much as possible on a hot Saturday in June. To my surprise the park was not crowded at all. It was actually quite enjoyable and gave us the freedom to meander about exploring the grounds. 

Tips for Dollywood

Kiddo immediately asked for a cowboy hat and truthfully, it was hot enough to call for one. We stopped by a Dolly boutique which sold higher end garb and accessories, and she found this blue one that looked absolutely adorable on her and served the purpose. And let me tell you, she wore this hat proudly. I can’t say I don’t blame her. I loved it so much I thought about getting myself one until I sent a selfie with it on to my husband and he quickly replied with, “When did you turn into Brett Michaels?” And that was the end of that.

A Day of Fun at Dollywood

Tips for Dollywood

The rides were fun, but the attractions were better. Kiddo and I particularly liked going on-board Dolly Parton’s tour bus, and blowing handmade glass Christmas ornaments.These are the types of memories worth making, and we’ll forever remember our Smokey Mountain trip each holiday season. Kiddo also opted to spend part of her souvenir money on a gorgeous glass bracelet, that made me remember what a great eye for style she has. 

Tips for Dollywood

There were also many places to enjoy delicious (yet sinful,) snacks like this salted caramel milkshake with kettle corn. Oh. My. YUM! And Kiddo hasn’t stopped talking about a frozen cherry lemonade she enjoyed while cooling off from the hot summer sun. 

Tips for Dollywood

It’s very important to note how wonderful all the staff at Dollywood is. I have never experienced a more pleasant amusement park and I can see why it’s so popular. I would definitely go back next year and I cannot wait to visit with JetSet Hubs. He is going to love the roller coasters while I take a Dolly Parton 101 course and soak up everything I can about the brilliantly wonderful, Dolly Parton.  

Tips for Dollywood

Have you visited Dollywood?

We would love to know more about your experience. By sharing your tips, recommendations, and memories in our comment section below, you help fellow travelers in The JetSet Family community decide the best fit for them and their families. Let us know what you liked most, or if you have any questions about our time at Dollywood.

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