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Jet Set Disney: Aboard Disney Magic with Tweens

jet set disney luxury dream cruise

Ahoy! Matey.


I have no idea what took us so long to experience our first Disney Cruise. This year we listened to the travel trends and hit the high seas with Mickey and friends for a family vacation we wouldn’t soon forget. What made this trip even more special was the fact it was for the Disney Social Media Moms Conference. You have to remember, all of these blogger kids grew up together, so to be able to vacation together made it even all that more special.

jet set disney luxury dream cruise

It’s been some time since the last time I boarded a cruise ship. I had never had a verandah before and I was really excited for that the most. The first time I ever set sail aboard a cruise ship I was 14 years old. I remember that trip fondly, so I knew Kiddo and the other tweens would enjoy themselves as well. Unlike any other family vacations, there was something about spending our days and nights floating in the middle of the ocean made vacationing seem so much more exotic and adventurous.

jet set disney luxury dream cruise

Some people love cruising, and others don’t find the joy in it, but I appreciate what cruise ships offer when traveling with your family. In our little cluster of friends, there were 14 tweens alone all ranging from the ages of 10 – 13. Not one of them stopped or slowed down until they dropped. They ate everything, watched movies, they were never bored and had one of the best times of their lives. It was also a real treat because the adults could all hang out together as well and still keep close tabs on the children.

jet set disney luxury dream cruise


What Is There To Do On Disney Cruise Ships for Tweens and Teens?


The short answer? A lot! These kids have full run of the ship and it’s exciting. This was the first time we were on vacation that we were able to give Kiddo a much longer leash since we were able to keep track of her, and we knew she’d always be with a buddy. The very first thing we all did was download the Disney Cruise Line Navigator App to find out all the latest events going on in real-time.

jet set disney luxury dream cruise

This app designed for the DCL enables everyone the ability to message each other on the ship. You can also send group messages to communicate with your entire group. The Personal Navigator newsletter delivered daily to your stateroom and has all the same information.

jet set disney luxury dream cruise

First, both tweens and teens each have their own designated lounges to congregate. They were well supervised and it gave the kids a sense of responsibility and independence that they were proud of and didn’t want to ruin. They enjoyed that earned freedom and it was a nice little break for the parents.  Tweens and teens aboard Disney Cruise Line have access to their own miniature city at sea. Complete with theaters, shows, arcade, miniature golf, pools, and self-serve ice cream what else could they possibly want?


The Ultimate Tween Dream


The Edge is an interactive play space exclusively for Guests ages 11 to 14. It has the latest high-tech music, video gaming systems, karaoke, scavenger hunts, themed nights, and other fun events. Older kids will head to Vibe where guests ages 14 to 17 can hang in the teen-only lounge. It features a big-screen TV, music stations, video consoles, games, snacks, and even a dance floor for the prom! Yes, an on-board prom.


The Midship Detective Agency was also a really cool activity our tween was up for. And she could do it multiple times because it is not repetitive. There are three different storylines that lead kids all over the ship on a scavenger hunt. Acting as detectives, they search for the clues to each mystery in the interactive photos that their pass will unlock.


Making the Most of Your Disney Cruise


Curfews. Take it from me, don’t stress about curfews. This is coming from someone who has a pretty structured household when it comes to sleep times. I quickly realized that she was in a safe environment at Edge, and most of the movies didn’t even get out until after 1 am. This was a vacation, and to be clear, this would never fly in our “real world.”


Spa time! This is something Kiddo cannot wait to try.  Chill is a spa designed for guests ages 13 to 17. Teens can book an appointment for facials, massages, manicures, and pedicures.


Off of the ship, many cruises also offer teens-only Port Adventures excursions as well as exclusive activities for them on Castaway Cay, Disney’s very own private island paradise. On Castaway Cay, Hideout, is the teens only club complete with hammocks to veg out in with friends. Tweens particularly like the slip and slide water ride, Pelican Plunge and bike riding around the island and climbing Exploration Tower. The tower is a two-story outlook in the middle of the sea overlooking the marsh.


But the Disney Cruise Line Is Not All About The Kids


Right after the emergency drill, I excused myself and sprinted up to the spa to take a look around. I didn’t anticipate on booking a massage for that evening, but I did on a whim and I’m so grateful I did. Not only were they offering a great special on debarkation day, but it turned out to be the best massage I’ve ever had. First off, they completely spoiled me. I went for an 80-minute bamboo massage and ended up getting a 120-minute massage. Now that was a first, all while looking out at the sea because one entire wall was floor to ceiling windows.

jet set disney luxury dream cruise


On the first day of the cruise make a point to visit the spa and see what the specials are.  They are known for packaging treatments together at a fraction of the cost. The Rainforest Room Cruise Pass is worth its weight in gold. The pass gives you unlimited entry to the scented showers, aroma steam, sauna rooms, private Jacuzzi, and warm loungers in an area off-limits to other spa-goers. This is an amazing place to retreat with a book or just look out towards the water and meditate.


While the Kids are Away… Parents Will Play


There was a fun mixology course we took with Mike + Amber from Global Munchkins / Rookie Moms at the Skyline bar. While the kids were off on their own adventure, we mixed up five different libations and just enjoyed some adult time. None of us are big drinkers, so it was nice to be able to make and sample a few different ones before dinner.

We especially loved the decor because the HD television screens behind the bar featured our favorite cities: London, Paris, Barcelona, St. Petersburg, Budapest, Florence, and Athens. All port of call cities the Disney Cruise Line caters to.

jet set disney luxury dream cruise

I was also thoroughly impressed with the standard evening dining options. Not only did I enjoy everything we individually ordered, but I loved that the servers quickly recognized that we were a table of foodies. Without hesitation, they took it upon themselves to order us one of each item on the menu for all of us to share. The kids and adults alike really enjoyed that. It was a great way to be able to try a selection of items like escargot without having to commit.

jet set disney luxury dream cruise


Have You Been On A Disney Cruise?


We would love to know more about your experience. By sharing your tips, recommendations and memories in our comment section below, you help fellow members of The JetSet Family community decide the best fit for them and their families. Let us know what you liked most, or if you have any questions about the Disney Cruise Lines. 


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