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Travel, Music, Family + Fun with Barry Watson

Dear JetSet Diary…

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I don’t know where to start. I might be 40-something, :: insert eye roll :: but I just had a total fangirl moment-slash-sit down-slash-full-on chat with my teen dream crush, Barry Watson, at Mom 2.0. And get this…I was so NOT stalkerish. You would have been so proud. I know you know whom I’m talking about, Barry Watson a.k.a.”Matt Camden” from 7th Heaven. Or if you were in the super cool kids club then you know him as “Steven Spence” from Gossip Girl. Either way, he’s really rad IRL and you know when it comes to celebs and pop culture, I am sooooo ready to dish the goods. We covered lots of topics, from his new original scripted dramedy, Date My Dad, premiering on UP TV, and how he handles family life while on location, to road trip playlists, food + wine, and everyone’s favorite topic…all things travel. 

Sometimes I really need to stop and pinch myself when these types of full circle things happen. Crossing things off of your Bucket List is a big deal, and when they not only live up to your expectations, but actually exceed them, moments like these become even that much more special. Within seconds of meeting each other he went from being my silly school girl crush to my new Buddy Barry. Instantly, I felt as though he and I connected on a friend level and as though we had known each other for years. Extremely polite, engaging, a few times I needed to remind myself that I in fact did NOT know him personally, and that this little convo probably won’t earn me a spot on his Christmas card list, but a girl can dream, right?  

Regardless, this left me really curious to find out some things about that maybe wouldn’t normally be covered by traditional media outlets. 

Nicole Standley of The JetSet Family sits down with actor, Barry Watson, of Date My Dad, 7th Heaven and Gossip Girl to discuss travel, music, food, fun and family at Mom 2.0 2017

Clearly I asked him about travel and wanted to know his thoughts, opinions and whatnot, on a bunch of other JetSetFam-type things. 

Travel Talk

Immediately right off the bat I wanted our readers to learn about Barry’s traveling background and what were some fond memories of his family vacations growing up as a child? Discussing travel does something to people that makes them intuitively excited to share their stories when the question is asked properly. Their faces and eyes actually light up, and suddenly there’s that “I know something that you don’t know” smile followed by a slight chuckle the moment they remember a silly memory or summer vacation feeling. He had many to share, but the ones that stood out most special to him were the road trips he would take while growing up as a young child in Michigan. His family would take trips to the lake and through the eyes of a child, everything seemed so big and grand, not to mention the best place ever.  At that young age, those woods and that lake were the world to him. These are the types of trips and memories he hopes to experience with his own family when traveling.

But to where?

If he could pick anywhere on Earth to bring his wife and kids on the ultimate family vacation where would it be? This was an easy question for Barry to answer: Africa on safari. Africa in general. He hopes to explore everything from Cape Town to the bush and everything in between with his family. By his expression, passion and excitement, you could tell this topped his “must-travel” list. Watson also mentioned taking his children to New Zealand because it reminds him of the last frontier. This gave me the sense that Barry was more of an adventure family traveler, so I could see his family exploring the different landscapes from rural Queenstown and Lake Gunn, to Mt Tongariro at The Emerald Lakes and Pencarrow Head in Wellington.

Postcards from The Big Apple

He was so passionate about discussing his IRL family’s dream vacations, that I wanted to quickly turn the table, to try to catch him off guard in a fun way and asked, “But what about your TV family? The dynamic is so different being all girls, various ages, and multiple types of personalities. Where would you take them on vacation?” And I loved his answer, it was perfect: New York City. He sincerely became excited considering each TV daughter’s likes and dislikes on the show, and what he would be able to do with them. Barry’s alter-ego “Ricky” felt Manhattan would be the best family vacation for his brood because the older girls Mirabel (15) and Elisa (12), wouldn’t be bored with so much to do and see, and he could imagine taking a nice walk through Central Park with Gigi (8). Together as a family they would explore the Bright Lights and Big City from Wall Street to Broadway with stops at museums in between. 

Nicole Standley of The JetSet Family sits down with actor, Barry Watson, of Date My Dad, 7th Heaven and Gossip Girl to discuss travel, music, food, fun and family at Mom 2.0 2017

Mix Tape

I asked Barry our infamous JetSetFam, “What would be on your road trip playlist?” question, and I was pleasantly surprised with the answer. Given he is the father to three children 12 and under, I was waiting for everything from The Biebs to Kids Bop, but nope. This rad dad told me his kids are really into Beck’s “Wow” right now (no pun intended,) so that would definitely be on the list, and let’s file this next part under: AWESOME PARENTING… Apparently, just like we did with Coco and the Foo Fighters, Barry would drive his son, Oliver, around as a baby in the car listening to Beck. See? Just another (delusional) Barry Watson Bestie connection. 

Having graduated in the nineties, he continued there would also definitely be some Nirvana and the Beastie Boys on “Barry Watson’s Road Trip Playlist” which obviously made me a very camper. Do you think it’s still a wee bit premature to set up a double date with Barry and his wife, Natasha Gregson Wagner?

OK, fine…I’ll wait. Le sigh.


For three months, Barry and the rest of the cast of Date My Dad, shot on location in Canada, so I asked how he used technology to keep in touch with his family. Being away from your wife and kids for long periods is never the ideal situation, and without hesitation he motioned to his iPhone and we proceeded to discuss how great the invention of FaceTime was. However, in a twist he also shared that he felt FaceTime was also a very bittersweet invention. It’s a great connector, but it can leave you missing your loved ones and life at home even more, which I happen to totally agree.

Random Fact

In conclusion, the Watson family moved to Dallas when Barry was eight, but after our talk I found out he went to Park Hill Junior High School with my college bestie. So Barry buddy…if you are reading this, Jennifer MacLure is doing great, living in Amsterdam, and says, “Hey!” 

Thank You

On behalf of The JetSet Family, I would like to extend a very special thank you to Barry Watson for taking the time to sit down with me, and to Everywhere Agency and UP TV for making it all happen. This was a huge highlight of Mom 2.0 and I am grateful. 


JetSetMom (a.k.a. Barry Watson’s new best friend.)


Nicole Standley of The JetSet Family sits down with actor, Barry Watson, of Date My Dad, 7th Heaven and Gossip Girl to discuss travel, music, food, fun and family at Mom 2.0 2017

More on Date My Dad

Date My Dad is fantastic. I can’t give away spoilers, but this is one you are going to want to tune into. Trust me, you know how I feel about TV, and have I ever disappointed with a recommendation? I think not. This 10-episode family dramedy tells the story of Ricky Cooper, a single dad, raising three daughters. Once thought to have the perfect life, the former professional baseball player, married the love of his life, Isabella, before Ricky’s world came crashing down when Isabella passes away leaving him to raise Mirabel (15), Elisa (12), and Gigi (8) alone. Watch how Ricky’s daughters take matters into their own hands by making it their mission to get their dad back in the dating game after 20 years while also being the best dad he can be to his girls.

Date My Dad guest stars the legendary Raquel Welch with Zenia Marshall as Mirabel. You will be able to catch the first episode on Friday, June 2nd at 9PM EST on UP TV. To celebrate this great new addition to the UP TV roster, join @UPtv on Twitter every Friday night during Date My Dad for the chance to win great prizes and chat about the show with special guest hosts. 

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  • Scott May 16, 2017

    I must not be in the cool kids club because I had no idea who he was. Maybe I’m too old!

  • Brandy May 16, 2017

    That would’ve been so cool to meet him. It sounds like he is extremely down to earth. He and I have a lot in common when it comes to travel. I have always wanted to go to New Zealand with my kiddo and travel the world in general.

  • Marcie W. May 16, 2017

    I was a big fan of 7th Heaven growing up and always lusted over Barry. I can not wait to watch this fun new show!

  • Marysa May 16, 2017

    What a cool experience! He sounds like such a nice guy and an interesting interview. That’s great you were able to connect with an actor!

  • Kelly May 17, 2017

    Barry was really just the most down-to-earth guy! Thanks for sharing Nicole, it was so fun catching up with you at Mom 2.0! We love working with you!

  • Autumn May 17, 2017

    You look totally cool calm and collected in that photo, definitely best friend status! Really enjoyed this post Nicole 🙂

  • Kristi May 18, 2017

    What a fun interview, I loved that you asked different questions and really tried to fun out some interesting things. His travel ideas sound super fun!


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