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Mom, Can I Have Pink Hair?

How to color your kids hair without dye or damaging.

She wants pink hair…

It’s only hair, right? Kiddo wants fashionable, colored hair, but I’m more of the proud card holding, wimpy, “What if it never comes out?” kind of mom. I want to be that cool mom, I really do, but when it comes to hair dye I’m not that adventurous. I remember the first time permed / processed / peroxided my hair and my hair has never been the same. So when strangers stop me on the street to tell me how beautiful and soft Kiddo’s natural highlights are, I am apprehensive to let dye even come close to her locks whether it’s done at the salon, or with Kool-Aid. 

Non-Damaging Hair Color

I was on the hunt for a product that wouldn’t dye or damage my daughter’s virgin hair. Did I sign up in search of a unicorn? Then I noticed the bottles of Celeb Luxury at my salon and it quickly piqued my interest. I asked my stylist for some info was sold and soon fell in love.

temporary hair dye for kids

Will the color come out easily?

This line of shampoos and conditioners allowed Kiddo to experiment with fun colors one day, and two shampoos later her natural hair is back in all of it’s glory! Zero commitment, and no damage, and lots of shine. And just like that, I became the “cool” mom.

Rose Gold is Totally RAD

Her hairstylist, Alex Muckey, of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang started out on the conservative “just in case” side and her hair came out this beautiful shade of rose gold. It made her blue eyes pop, and she looked gorgeous. But as the days went on she insisted on PINK, as in NEON pink, so I obliged, and though it looked beautiful, it was even too bright and Lady Gaga-ish for her.

Non Damaging Hair Color for Kids Pink Rose Gold

So we switched back to the pastel pink shampoo and it lighted to a beautiful cotton candy color within a day or two that reminded me the “Beauty School Dropout” shade. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, Google it. 

So many questions!

It didn’t sink in what a big deal it was until I received quite a few questions and emails from mom readers, social media followers, and moms and teachers at Kiddo’s school. “Did C color her hair? What did you use?” That’s when I realized this product was awesome for other moms not ready to make the commitment beyond Crazy Hair Day. It felt amazing to let them know it wasn’t permanent, and still safe for the well-being of her hair unlike other products. 

It was clear my daughter wasn’t the only one looking to change things up, but many moms had concerns ranging from chemically treated hair, to finding out the permanency, to some flat out cared that they or their kids would be judged. 

Then came the big test, how soon could I get it out if needed, and how would it leave Kiddo’s locks? I reached out to the stylist at my salon, and she told me to use a clarifying shampoo and if I had any problems, to give her a call. She could help me at the salon if needed in one shampoo. 

First Day of 5th Grade

Pink Hair for Kids

Needless to say, I never had to make that call, because two showers with regular clarifying shampoo, and my girl was back to her natural blonde with gorgeous highlights still in tact. And that was after she headed off to the first day of school looking like Angela Chase from “My So-Called Life.” The 90’s are back people!

That’s when I reached out to Celeb Luxury and told them how thrilled I was with the product and how many inquiries I’d received from moms everywhere. I told them I couldn’t wait to share the product on the blog and as a thank you, they sent this beautiful package which we are grateful and can’t wait to feature. 

Safe Hair Color without Dying

I now love my daughter’s pink hair and actually miss it when she goes au natural. 

❤️ Which color should she try next?

Have you colored your child’s hair? What was your experience? How old were they? We would love to know more! By sharing your tips, suggestions, and memories, in our comment section below, you help fellow moms and dads in The JetSet Family community decide if it’s best for them. Let us know what you liked most, or if you have any questions about Celeb Luxury. 

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