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It’s Still Summer in California with Cabana Life Swim Suits

I can’t help to notice over the years, as she gets older, the bathing suits get tinier leaving Kiddo with less and less choices to choose from. As a mom of a “pre-tween,” buying bathing suits is no easy task. I take swimsuits, sun protection and beachwear pretty seriously. 

In a perfect world, a one-piece suit would be the answer; however Kiddo has very long legs, is exceptionally lean and has a long torso. So one piece swimsuits never fit the way they are supposed to. That simply left us at the mercy of the tankini for as long as I can remember. But if you’ve seen one tankini, you’ve seen them all.

Just recently, Kiddo had a special request and asked for my help in finding a few two piece bikini-type styles that were age appropriate. I was excited to take on this task, because it confirmed that she trusts my style and guidance, and was taking fashion seriously by considering the proper fit. She explained that she likes wearing rash guards and sometimes the tankini tops can get a little cumbersome and annoying under her swim shirts. Especially when worn together in the water.

Cabana Life

OK, her reasoning made complete sense and I was thrilled she asked me to help. Now where to start? I came across Cabana Life and I’m crushed no one told me about this secret sooner. Cabana Life is the leader in stylish swimwear that provides built in sun protection. Not only are they made with 50+ UV protection, but blocks 98% UVA and UVB which is key as the days get hotter and the sun become stronger in the summer months. 

Cabana Life

I was sold immediately. The Rashguard Sets were each cuter than the next. Cabana Life was kind enough to send us over two sets to try. The Pink Emblem Rashguard Set and the Maldives Rashguard Set. Wow. They were both pretty fantastic! 

Cabana Life

Each set came with a two piece suit and matching rashguard. This couldn’t be more perfect for Tot as she hit the beaches of Hawaii while bodyboarding, playing in the sand, riding waves, snorkeling and tackling the waterslides of Aulani. 

Cabana Life

The size 10 suits fit perfectly and the shirts were cut a bit bigger for comfort. Those following us on Facebook and Instagram were treated to sneak peeks of the designs and I wasn’t surprised at all about the number of compliments the photos received from moms with the same concerns. I am so happy I had the opportunity to share these finds with our readers because they have been so well received.

Cabana Life

Both three-piece sets are in the $57 rage and worth every penny. Trust me. They’ve been in the salt water, direct sunshine, the heat, chlorine and sandy beaches for a week and still look and feel brand new. Even hubs rang in and said, “These are the best suits. I think we need to grab more.” Plus, the sun protection works very well. Even on the hottest days, kiddo’s arms, back, shoulders, belly and legs did not get burned at all. 

Cabana Life

Cabana Life has made me a fan for life. I welcome any questions you may have on styles or sizes and I hope you will consider giving them a try for your next vacation getaway. They even have styles for men, women, boys and babies.

Cabana Life

Thank you, Cabana Life for making our time at Disney Aulani even more wonderful!

Cabana Life
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Photo credits: Nicole Standley

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Review overview
  • Travel Blogger March 30, 2015

    she matches so well! she did a great job coordinating

  • Jeanette June 3, 2015

    We need something new for my kiddo! These suits are ADORABLE! You daughter is beautiful! I love you pictures and Jealous that you live so close to the beach! GREAT review!

  • Erin October 6, 2016

    Cute kids suits, but women’s styles are horrible. All the sleeves are an inch too short, not like 3/4 sleeves, just like too short sleeves.


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