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Butterflies + Backstrokes

Funnest Sport USA Swimming

Thank you to our friends at USA Swimming for sponsoring this post. Swimming really is the #FunnestSport ever and we know why first-hand!

JetSet Tot has a big life. Lots of friends. Plenty of smiles. Tons of love.

As parents, we knew early on that it was our responsibility to find a sport where she could excel and shine bright while building towards a common unified goal amongst peers, beyond the soccer field and basketball courts. 

“Swimming is the funnest sport there is!”

Swimming allows her to do this in a special way year-round, and makes her feel a part of something bigger. She’s found her tribe amongst kids of all ages and all skills/experience levels. But most of all, swimming is her FUN time.

Unlike the other sports, swimming makes her feel powerful, beautiful and alive while being in control. There’s this look of focus and determination that she gets standing at the edge of the pool that this little dreamer doesn’t have in the outside world.

When she’s in her lane, life is good and she’s a winner. After every session, she sees immediate results and improvement, which plays nicely into her needs for instant gratification. As a mom with a daughter approaching her tween years, I have a heartfelt appreciation for the gift of self-confidence and self-esteem swimming has bestowed upon my child.

We were introduced to swimming last summer thanks to SwimToday and USA Swimming and five-time Olympian Dara Torres at the 2014 National Swimming Championship. After some one-on-one time in the pool with Dara, suddenly everything clicked.

JetSet Tot and Dara Torres #FunnestSport

Swimming was something Tot loved to do, so I couldn’t figure out why we hadn’t jumped in sooner! Swim Today was exactly what we needed to learn how to bridge the gap between the swim lessons we were well acquainted with and competitive swimming.

This year, due to unusual circumstances, we had to take a break for the school year. However, in the few weeks she’s been back, she’s picking up where she left off and couldn’t be more ready. This kid is ready to make her mark!

#FunnestSport Kids in Pool

Swimming pools and swim clubs are located in close proximity to almost every city in the country. Parents, if you are looking for a lifelong sport for your child to excel at, visit www.SwimToday.com to find a pool that’s right for your family.  

For more information follow SwimToday and #FunnestSport across social media on Facebook and Twitter.

Photo credits: Nicole Standley

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