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Broadway: School of Rock The Musical

New York City: School of Rock Broadway Musical

I Pledge Allegiance To The Band ✌🏻🤟🏻🤘🏻

A few weeks ago I posted about our amazing experience seeing Hamilton: An American Musical on Broadway, but I failed to mention that we went to the theater two nights before as well. I guess you could call it our “Playbill Weekend” as we kicked off Friday night seeing Kiddo’s very first show on Broadway 🎭 and she looooooved it. In fact, she loved it so much if you read through this post, I’ve even included a very special discount for future School of Rock tickets!

NYC School of Rock Broadway Musical copy

We scored great seats to see Andrew Lloyd Webber’s School of Rock at the Winter Garden Theater and the last time I sat in that very same theater, I was her age watching the musical CATS. I can remember my first Broadway musical like it was yesterday. I saw the play, Annie, and I can probably still recite word for word if I really tried. I’m happy Kiddo has a love for theater and live performances since it’s something we can enjoy together for the rest of our lives.

NYC School of Rock Broadway Musical copy

School of Rock on Broadway

As for School of Rock, those kids are dang impressive! Loved watching them sing and play their hearts out, and Dewey Finn is HYSTERICAL. if you like the movie, grab the musical soundtrack and pledge allegiance to the band! The School of Rock movie starring Jack Black has been on an infinite loop playing on one of our TVs and in the car for about 7 years. And that by no means is an exaggeration. I suppose it is kind of like the way I knew all the words to GREASE when I was a kid, Coco can pretty much lip sync the entire script.

NYC School of Rock Broadway Musical copy

I Hate You and Your Shoes are Tacky

Since the movie, this has been our favorite line ever, so we were so excited when we heard it live and the audience roared with excitement and cheered along with us.

While the play is based on the movie, you can expect new material, as well as a few of your favorite lines, scenes, and songs from the motion picture soundtrack. I will tell you, this play is much more mature and sophisticated than the movie. Lots and I mean, LOTS, of adult humor and innuendos despite the amount of pint-sized rockers in the audience. Much of it went over their tiny little heads, but a few times Kiddo’s jaw hit the floor.

NYC School of Rock Broadway Musical copy

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I also want to mention that I think I suffered at one point from a crazy PTSD episode when the children all came out wearing the exact polyester maroon and grey plaid uniform I wore for EIGHT YEARS OF MY LIFE at OLBS Catholic school. Coincidence? I think not.

You’re In The Band

It was fun too because Kiddo totally dressed the part in her best rocker garb from her Nine Inch Nails beanie to her White Stripes tee and Vans. She was not only able to enjoy something she’s loved for so long, but she felt as though she was a part of the Horace Green class. It only made things better when Dewey tossed out some of his band fliers which I would say is the equivalent to a set list score at a real rock show. She also loved the subtle references her favorites like Foo Fighters stickers on the guitar case.

New York City: School of Rock Broadway Musical

All-in-all it was the perfect night. I would go back and see it again in a heartbeat when it makes it’s way out west. I know Kiddo is already hoping to go back, but the best part of the night? Seeing her huge smile from start-to-finish and even as we walked back to the hotel in the NYC rain I knew it was a night she’d remember for a really long time.

Discounted Tickets to School of Rock on Broadway

There’s so much more I want to share, but I do have a NO SPOILERS policy here at The JetSet Family, AND…it happens to be Global Play Day as I’m writing this, so I promised Kiddo I’d stop by school for quick whipping, I mean, ummmm, game of friendly Battleship. However, I really want you to see this show, and if you are in the NYC area between March 4-6, you can score $75 orchestra tickets using code SCMARCH18.

Have You Seen School of Rock?

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