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Boys and Girls Club of America My.Future Event

Boys and Girls Club of America My.Future

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I love children and nothing makes me happier than to see them flourish. I love hearing them laugh, and seeing them smile. That’s why spending time at The Boys & Girls Clubs Metro Los Angeles – Watts/Willowbrook Clubhouse could very well be the best afternoon I’ve spent in a really long time. My heart was full as I brought Kiddo with me to learn about a new BGCA project rolling out called My.Future.

Watching the children completely engrossed in learning was such a beautiful sight to see. But seeing them grin ear-to-ear when they completed a task they were proud of was a feeling a hope I never shake. They came together as a team and created a vision. They plotted and planned, but to see their group efforts come to life before their very eyes was magical. 

Just when I thought it couldn’t possibly get any better, The Boys & Girls Club gave each child their very own iPad Mini and headset to bring home with them. You could only imagine the shock and awe that filled that gymnasium. Nothing, and I mean nothing, could capture that excitement the children so well-deserved.

That afternoon I realized just how much kids and teens love to come to their local Boys & Girls Club. Not just for the fun, but also for the care and attention they get. But this generation likes to plug-in, and BGCA recognizes that they also love connecting and playing online. So with the help of NBC Universal, BGCA is reaching out to the children through a groundbreaking new social platform called, My.Future.

Boys and Girls Club of America

Kiddo took part in three of the four different subjects BGCA My.Future offers. She particularly loved the financial based program. It got this budding entrepeneur thinking about her plans to one day start her own fashion brand. No other youth development organization in the country has a digital presence as powerful as My.Future. It’s a safe, fun, mobile-friendly social platform that provides access to 125 BGCA program activities – in areas such as STEM, Leadership and Visual Arts – and enables kids and teens to connect and share with their friends while earning recognition and rewards.

Embracing STEM, and teaching Leadership values and Visual Arts is important when raising our future generations.Tools such as My.Future are an important link for youth to engage in productive out-of-school-time activities that will help lead them down the path to success as adult members of society. The activities in My.Future teach 21st century skills and knowledge that helps prepare them to take their place in the workforce of the future.

If you haven’t spent time with the Boys and Girls Club of America I highly recommend signing up. It’s such a wonderful experience seeing a group making a difference in so many lives and improving the future for all of us. Thank you, BGCA!

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Photo credits: Nicole Standley

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