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Florida: Postcards from Boca Raton

Boca Raton Florida with Kids

Postcards from Boca

We arrived to Boca by early afternoon at the Boca Raton Resort and Spa. Just a quick detour, both properties are noted as being 4.5 stars.   It was our first time at the The Loews and they earned their stars for the customer service alone. I do have a hard time with the half stars as I feel 4 to 5 is a big leap and a true 5 star is dramatically different from a 4 star.  The Boca Raton Resort and Spa, for me, was closer to a 4 Star property, but that being said, it never disappoints for the kids and that is why this was our third trip back. 

Boca Raton Florida with Kids

They always have fun and the hotel provides innovative experiences for children. From their FlowRider surfing exhibition to their world-renowned tennis program, and everything in between, there is always something to do from ferry rides to the beach, and golf, bocce, basketball, ping-pong, pool, sand castle building and surfing.  There is never a dull moment during family getaways to The Boca Raton Resort and Spa.

Boca Raton Florida with Kids

On our first night, my business partner’s fiancé and I had arranged a surprise meeting.  When they arrived Elena was shocked and we spent the whole night catching up which was long overdue. Being able to order take out from the various restaurants on site made our reconnection even more enjoyable.  Our friends had already eaten and all the kids wanted to do was play so I ordered food for my family and we were able to picnic and have cocktails, at the tables alongside the bocce court. Opposite to where we were sitting, there was a big patch of grass for the kids to run around on and blow off some steam. Many use this area to play crochet with equipment readily available, but the kids chose to play football instead and had a ball. Awhile their shenanigans, the kids headed over to the property’s Serendipity ice cream shop, where the night ended with ice cream and other delectable goodies.

Boca Raton Florida with Kids

When we woke up the next morning, my daughter and I had one-on-one time at brunch. What I loved most about brunch here at the resort are the vast array of healthy options, including overnight oats with berries, coconut quinoa and lots of local fruit options. Our friends were able to join us shortly after and the kids spent the entire day learning to boogie board and surf on the FlowRider, without the fear of rip tides. 

Boca Raton Florida with Kids

Cocktails were sipped and chips and guac were munched, as the sun shined bright. Once evening began to settle we parted ways and my family and I dined at one of Boca Resort’s restaurants, Lucca.

I had the lobster pasta, a definite must try.  It was so good, I actually contemplated going back the next night to have it again.  However, the idea of sushi at famed chef Morimoto’s place, ultimately won and that almost didn’t happen as my son’s cold turned into a fever, leaving him in the room all day with my husband and I taking shifts.  His fever broke before dinner and he felt good enough for a quick meal, but then it was straight to bed.  He woke in the middle of the night with the fever having returned and the next day it was more of the same.

Boca Raton Florida with Kids

Our last 2 days were a little hampered, but we made it work.  I felt bad for my little guy having had his last days spent inside, but he recovered just in time for the flight back home and I was very grateful for that.

Now I must sign off and continue to address the dreaded move. My entire family (especially myself,) was thankful for the break before this moving storm, but maybe next time we will take the vacay after to move.  I could certainly use a break now, but that won’t be happening for at least another few weeks.  We have a new addition to our home…remember that puppy I was talking about?  Our next trip will definitely be one that includes him!

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