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Black Tap Craft Burgers and Steaks

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The Black Tap Hype…Is It Legit?

You bet it is.


A few years ago when I took Kiddo to New York City for her birthday trip, friends told me we needed to celebrate at least once at Black Tap Craft Burgers and Steaks near our Midtown hotel. It sounded like a blast; however, the W 55th entrance was wrapped around the block. In the dead of winter. And it was raining. Needless to say, we quickly switched to plan B.


That doesn’t mean we completely forgot about the classic burger joint born and raised in NYC with the legendary CrazyShake™ milkshakes. It’s been on the back of our minds since that trip, and we were excited when one moved into Anaheim at Downtown Disney. Last week, I made it a point to have Kiddo’s end-of-school celebration dinner there and the lines were nothing like the ones we experienced in Manhattan. (I’m pretty sure this is still considered a hidden gem, so enjoy it while it lasts folks!)


Black Tap Anaheim Exterior


Black Tap Downtown Disney


The moment we walked in, my ears perked up, between the black and white graffiti wallpaper, and the sweet sounds of “Jam On It” playing overhead. This place was magic, and I needed now was a visit from our favorite Electric Boogaloo gents, Ozone and Turbo. I knew immediately if the food was even half as good as the music, then we were in for a treat. One old-school hip hop treats one after the next, I was enjoying myself even before we placed the order.

CrazyShake Black Tap


Flippin’ Burgers and Spinning Shakes


When you break it down, this place is all about the basics: burgers, shakes, and good times. Now add the hit of nostalgia with the tunes, and you’re throwing it way back to summers as a kid. There aren’t too many ways we can show our children what it was like growing up, but this place sure did spark some great dinner conversations around the topic. 


Black Tap Sundaes


So what’s their secret to these awesome burgers? Black Tap only flips the beef once and then the patties are layered with cheese before they are cooked on the griddle until and served medium with fries (the sweet potato ones are the bomb,) lettuce, tomato, and pickle on a potato bun.


What’s On The Black Tap Menu?

For Starters

We skipped lunch that day so we were all feeling a bit hangry. So I ordered some apps which were delish. I was torn between the Texan or Carlina BBQ wings, and I knew I wanted the Brussels sprouts because, duh, they’re mah fave. The sprouts were prepared perfectly all nice and crisp, with great flavors. The wings, on the other hand, didn’t have a chance. The moment they hit the table, the fam sucked those up real quick.


Black Tap Wings


The Burgers

There were three clear winners when it came to burgers. Personally, I think The All-American Burger ($16) with sautéed ‘shrooms, and caramelized onions added, was the best tasting burger I’ve tried in a really long time. Kiddo ordered up The Texan Burger ($19) with bacon, aged cheddar, onion rings, and Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce, while The Hubs dove into The Mexico City ($18) with his favorite pepper jack cheese, pickled jalapenos, onion rings, and chipotle mayo. 


Black Tap Burgers Wings


The Main Event: Black Tap Milkshakes

So the moment you were all sticking around for: CrazyShakes. Oh, my, lordy, lordy. These desserts were works of art overflowing with gooey and sugary goodness. I’m serious, they are works of art and so very Instagram friendly.


Black Tap Cake Shake


While you can choose from Black Tap shakes like: Cotton Candy, The Cake Shake, Churro Choco Taco, Bam Bam, Brooklyn Blackout, Cookie Shake, or Cookies ‘N Cream Supreme, we opted for the Sweet ‘N Salty peanut butter shake and it was rad.


Sugar Daddy Shake


It took the three of us to finish it off; however, next time? I’m pretty sure I’m going to try the Churro or Bam Bam because I mean, c’mon. Who doesn’t love Fruity Pepples?


Coco Sweet and Salty shake


So the verdict?

Can they kick it? Oh, yes, they can. In fact, so much I made a Spotify playlist. Check it down below.


black tap shakes

Photo courtesy of Black Tap


Have You Eaten at Black Tap?

We would love to know more about your experience. By sharing your tips, recommendations and memories in our comment section below, you help fellow members of The JetSet Family community decide the best fit for them and their families. Let us know what you liked most, or if you have any questions about Black Tap Anaheim. 



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  • Harper May 12, 2020

    I tried 2 and they were so good I tried the cotton candy and the cake shake they were epic.


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