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Best Travel Hashtags for Instagram

Best Instagram Travel Hashtags

Let’s Talk About Travel Hashtags


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Ever wonder what are the best travel hashtags to use on Instagram while traveling on vacation? Which hashtags will produce the most likes and organic followers? I thought I had this all dialed in, but around the new year, my likes plummeted. No Bueno! So I took a break from adding pointless random hashtags and decided to come up with a new plan. Guess what? Yep, my Instagram likes and followers are steady on the rise again!


The BEST travel hashtags for Instagram

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Travelblography 101: The use of travel hashtags


Do not use hashtags in your description. I repeat: DO NOT use hashtags in your descriptions. The life of the tag is only a few minutes if not seconds. By simply cutting and pasting these travel hashtags into the section of your Instagram comments, you increase your chances of more likes from organic Instagram followers and not bots. You will also gain followers genuinely interested in your content if you are consistent.



Rules: The 10 Commandments of Instagram


As I mentioned, from experience, these have proven to be the best travel hashtags for Instagram. However, do not “fib” and include say, #luxurytravel, if your photo does not capture luxury travel. If a hashtag does not fit, do not use it! You know who you are. Instagram will allow you to have 29 hashtags, so I’ve compiled the best of the best.


The Rule of 11


You do not need to over-use or over-think hashtags. Three is OK, one hashtag is fantastic. But, eleven? Yes, it’s been brought to our attention that 11 hashtags per Instagram post will deliver the best ROI.  So I’ve decided to help you by collecting all the ones you need in one swoop.


We’ve learned through trial and error that choosing the correct hashtags is actually a science. You also need to pick the right ones to avoid being shadowbanned. Also, there are quite a few hashtags that have been banned altogether, so we’ve been sticking with the following system:


Three (3) hashtags with smaller followings (10,000 to 50,000 total posts); Three (3) hashtags with medium followings (50,000 to 200,000 total posts); Three (3) hashtags with larger followings (200,000 – 2,000,000 total posts); and finally, two (2) hashtags specific to the destination (i.e.#visit_[destination]_ , and #XYXhotel.) 



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The Science of Instagram


But what works even better? If you cut and paste a total of 30 hashtags between three different comments. So #chooseyourownadventure from the picks below and simply copy and paste three sections into three different comments, just remove one hashtag from each one!


Continuously shake things up a bit. Switch up Instagram hashtags every few weeks if possible. This will give you a better understanding of what works best for your audience and which tags have the farthest reach for you. You will also quickly discover a whole new batch of followers who happened to stumble across the IG because of your hashtag.


Best Travel Hashtags (General)

#jetsetfam  #travelgrams  #cnbctravel  #travelbetter  #traveldeeper  #iamatraveller  #instavacation  #traveladdicted  #passportready  #visit_[destination]_   #HotelXYZ


Best Family Travel Hashtags

#jetsetfam  #takeyourkidseverywhere  #havekidswilltravel  #travelmom  #travelkids  #familyadventure  #travelwithkids  #familytravel   #kidstravel   #visit_[destination]_    #wecollectmemories


Best Luxury Travel Hashtags


#jetsetfam  #flysomewherenew  #travelshoplife  #lifewelltraveled  #thebestdestinations  #luxlife  #beautifulhotels  #luxurytravel   #visit_[destination]_   #firstclasstravel

Travel Hashtags by Destination

(continuously updated)

Best Hashtags for Disney Travel


Walt Disney World: #jetsetfam  #disneytravel  #epcot  #disneysprings  #disneyparks  #disneyfun  #disneymagic  #disneyphoto  #disneylife  #waltdisneyworld  #wdwlife


Disneyland: #jetsetfam  #disneytravel  #disneyfamily  #disneyparks  #disneycaliforniaadventure  #disneyfun   #disneymagic  #disneyphoto  #disneylife   #disneyland   #disneyca


Disney Aulani:  #jetsetfam  #disneytravel  #aulani  #aulanidisneyresort  #DVC  #disneyfun  #disneymagic  #disneyphoto  #disneylife  #visitdisney  #disneyaulani


Disney Cruise Line:  #jetsetfam  #disneytravel  #disneyfun  #disneymagic  #disneyphoto  #disneylife  #disneyigers  #adventuresbydisney  #disneycruise  #disneycruiseline


Travel: Best Hashtags for Visiting New York City


#jetsetfam  #explorenyc  #cityviews  #instacity  #instanyc  #nyclife  #nycity  #manhattannyc  #travelguide  #visitNYC  #HotelXYZ (or neighborhood)


Travel: Best Hashtags for L.A.


#jetsetfam  #instaLA  #LAstyle  #losangeleslife  #LAlifestyle  #LaLaLand  #LAstory  #iloveLA  #travelguide  #visitcalifornia  #LAlife


Travel: Best Hashtags for Nashville


#jetsetfam  #NashvilleLove  #VisitMusicCity  #nashvillescene  #nashvillethebeautiful  #nashvilletennessee  #nashvillelife  #nashvillegram  #nashvilleexplorersclub  #nashvilletn  #travelguide  #visitnashville



The BEST Travel Hashtags to use with Instagram to gain likes and organic followers.


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And remember those old faithful ones? The #instagood #instamood #instadaily #bestoftheday #iphoneonly #nofilter #igdaily #instalove #igaddict #webstagram #instagramhub #follow #igers #picoftheday #iphonesia #photooftheday hashtags that made really beautiful Instagrams look desperate with graffitied hashtags? (Please, I’ve done tried it also!) Well, you can forget about them because our lovely friends at Instagram has finally flagged them. Yep, one or two bots will slip by and like your photos or follow you, but that’s it. I’m actually really happy Instagram took action on this.


How are you using travel hashtags?

Which travel hashtag works the best for you? Make sure to leave your Instagram URL in the comments!


Photo credits: Nicole Standley

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    Great posts, I think hashtags are important so that people can find your content, especially for travel destinations. I also agree that overdoing it with tens of tags is a bit of a turn-off. Sorry to hear about your account being hacked – I hope you get it fixed soon!

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    I hope you will get your account sorted out soon! Both my Twitter and Instagram were also hacked last week, but got them in order now.

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  • Oh no, I hope your account is up and running with no major damage soon!

    I have to admit, I’ve pretty much given up using hashtags and it hasn’t really affected the number of likes I get… Of course I use the #IGTravelThursday one at least on Thursdays, and sometimes I add others, usually later, but not very often anymore.

    Maybe I should start experimenting again… 🙂

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    Its hard to not get caught up in the excitement sometimes. I find a few good quality hashtags, tagging relevant users and writing a humourous or thought provoking comment is always a good mix!


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    Thanks for sharing! Love coming up with new hashtags. Really is a great way to get your Instagram noticed.

    I am a blogger and my instagram is full of travel photos, if anyone wants to take a look! I just got back from Costa Rica!


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    Great post! Can you explain a bit more on what you mean by this below; besides aesthetic reasons, I’m trying to understand why it’s better to put hashtags in the comments instead of buried low in the description.

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    “By simply cutting and pasting these travel hashtags into the section of your Instagram comments, you increase your chances of more likes from organic Instagram followers and not bots. You will also gain followers genuinely interested in your content if you are consistent.”

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    Thank you for sharing those tips. It’s good to use popular / most-hunted key words which people search on the internet for our blog.

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