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Deck The Halls with Arhaus Holiday Decor

Arhaus Polar Bears

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Turning a House Into a Home with Arhaus Holiday Decor


The one thing I look forward to every year is decorating our home for Christmas. While everyone is getting their PSL groove on, I’ve already switched things into high gear dreaming about rustic charm. I’m all about Christmas and holiday decor. I’m your friend strategically plotting and planning figuring out how soon I can start whipping out my holiday decorations. No, really. I am being 100% serious. I may not be ready to spin our annual JetSetFam Holiday Playlist just yet, I’m certainly ready to prepare mentally. So bring on the holiday cheer! I begin taking mental inventory and access what needs to be done. Then everything gets categorized into: decorations I need, and those I desperately want. What can I say? I am not shying away from the word desperately. I can easily succumb to those items dancing through my head at 2 a.m. if I allow it. 

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Arhaus Christmas Tree Inspiration


This time last year, while riding the tail end of the craziest year of our lives, I wanted to do something different. It wasn’t really the “Have a holly jolly Christmas” kind of year, and I wanted to shed those Christmas tree skirts of the past, and hang new stockings from the mantle, all while properly laying to rest any reminder of what transpired in 2020 so badly. Like everyone else, I could see the symbolic December 31st  finish line, and wanted 2021 to rise from the ashes and tears that laid at our pandemic feet. That’s when I turned to Arhaus to help restore life into our home by updating our seasonal decor. It may seem like a small quick fix, but in all honesty, the change of scenery made a huge difference.

How you may ask? I can’t explain it, but even our meals tasted better at dinnertime when I would catch a glimpse of the twinkling white lights coming from our Christmas tree. And while enjoying a closer peek from right inside our living room, wrap Christmas presents, doze off while reading a book, or catch up on my favorite TV programs, I felt the warm embrace thinking about all the new traditions we would be introducing to our annual festivities instead of all the constantly changing scenarios that made up every single minute of the last year. 


Decking The Halls with Arhaus


As the packages began to arrive one-by-one, I would carefully inspect the craftsmanship and details of each piece. Every one exceeded all of my expectations. I had a very detailed vision. I wanted to come to a happy medium and marry the modern farmhouse aesthetic with a deep Montana dude ranch type of feel. The pandemic left me wanting our home to give our loved ones a proverbial hug and let everyone know that everything is going to be OK. This wasn’t the holiday you wanted stark, bare, and mid-century modern.

Deck the Halls with Arhaus This Christmas

Deck the Halls with Arhaus This Christmas


Christmas Decorating Inspiration with Arhaus Holiday Decor


I wanted varsity plaids, warm tones, and hot chocolate if you know what I mean. I wanted everyone to understand that the world may have stopped, but we haven’t. And while we may not entirely recognize our life at the current moment, Christmas is Christmas. Nothing is going to stop the love from overflowing during my favorite time of year. In fact, we needed it more than ever for so many reasons. And Arhaus made that happen.


Sneak Peek of Arhaus Christmas and Holiday Decor 2021


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