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Shopping Spree: American Girl

American Girl Shopping Spree Los Angeles #trulyme

A very special thank you to our friends at The Little Style File for hosting such a special event at American Girl where JetSet Tot + JetSet Bestie were treated to a Truly Me shopping spree of a lifetime.

I love a good party, but when this invitation popped up in my Inbox and I couldn’t believe my eyes: VIP American Girl Experience… OK, you’ve got my attention. You see, there are blogging events, and then there are the holy grail of invites. To each blogger they differ, but one-of-a-kind events where I get to experience my daughter’s wildest dreams come true, well that just reminds me why I got into blogging in the first place. Those are the ones most special to me. 

VIP American Girl Experience to celebrate the launch of the American Girl TrulyMe Signature Studio at the LA flagship store!

American Girl dolls are a story of friendship, and one The JetSet Family knows all too well, so it makes complete sense why this was a shopping spree made for JetSet Besties! The girls and I arrived at The Grove where we were greeted with a fancy-dancy red carpet arrival (Oh. So. LA.) and private trolley ride. They toasted sparking apple cider, and rode on the top level (of course,) while touring the property and shoppes before dropping us off right in front of the west coast mecca: American Girl Place. 

The Grove Trolley to American Girl #TrulyMe

For those unfamiliar with American Girl Place Los Angeles, it’s grand and beautiful and amazing. I know for my daughter, it’s the place dreams are made. For almost five years now, we’ve built a relationship with two Personal Shoppers (Karina L. + Winnie) that have become very special to our family, so I was thrilled when I saw Winnie would be escorting the girls on this shopping trip. 

Many aren’t aware that American Girl provides a complimentary Personal Shopping experience so you can be a VIP, too. It’s a magical service where you are whisked to a swank pink private backroom so you don’t have to brave the crowds. You are then paired with one of the their knowledgable professional shoppers who will help guide you through the store.

American Girl TrulyMe

Let the American Girl shopping spree commence!

First stop was the TrulyMe Collection section of the store where the girls were able to select their very own TrulyMe dolls, followed by a visit to the TrulyMe Signature Studio for an interactive design experience. With over 100 dolls to choose from on display, the dolls all have different characteristics from skin tones, hair types and eye color allowing for a “TrulyMe” experience. 

American Girl Truly Me Event Los Angeles

Upstairs at the TrulyMe Design Studio (exclusive to the Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City stores,) the girls had the distinct opportunity to personalize one of three doll outfits and doll carrier backpack which would be produced same-day on-site. I couldn’t think of a better way for the girls to capture their TrulyMe style. They loved working at the tablet stations and really felt like fashion designers. 

American Girl Design Your Own

Once the girls completed their own version of “Project Runway,” the group retreated back down to the Doll Hair Salon for a special styling session where they could treat the TrulyMe dolls to waterfalls, sweetheart braids, ear piercing and ribbons courtesy of the well-trained stylists at American Girl. 

American Girl Doll Hair Salon #trulyme

Back upstairs the Cafe doors flew wide open and we were greeted by our host, Kevin, who you might recognize most recently from the Conan O’Brien skit. We were seated for a lovely dinner with lots of jokes, riddles, crafts, milkshakes, cake from Hanson’s and even more gifts!

Having been to American Girl Cafe for lunch and afternoon tea, this was our first time experiencing dinner and I was quite impressed with the selection and the salmon was incredible! Next time? I have my eye on the roasted chicken. 

American Girl Cafe Dinner

As dinner began to wrap, the team presented us with the girls’ personalized TrulyMe designs take home goodie bags and Kevin pointed out some take home a huge shopping bag with even MORE American Girl stuff like books, accessories, and clothing! 

American Girl Doll Swag Bags

I can’t thank American Girl and The Little Style File enough. This is stuff little girl dreams are made of. xxoo

Photo credits: Nicole Standley

Promotional consideration has been furnished by American Girl. On occasion, contributors of The JetSet Family receive products, compensation and/or services gratis or at discounted rates. This practice does not hinder the influencer’s point of view. All descriptions are factual and accurately reflect the overall experience. This post may contain affiliate links.

Review overview
  • Jodi Flaherty June 15, 2015

    Ahhh as a boy only mom- I am SO jealous of this experience! I wish I had the chance to see this! It is a great bonding experience for you and your girls!

  • Jeanette June 15, 2015

    I know a certain little girl what would totally jealous of this. It looks like your girls had fun! You all got a ton of stuff there, they look so excited! 🙂

  • Shop with Me Mama (Kim) June 15, 2015

    Oh my goodness what a fun time! My little girl and her BFF would love to do that!

  • Chelley @ AisForAdelaide June 15, 2015

    What a truly amazing experience! I still have Molly… and cannot wait to pass her down to my oldest! I have heard SO much about the American Girl stores, and am stoked to go!

  • valmg @ Mom Knows It All June 15, 2015

    I have never actually been to an American Girl store as I have boys. My Mom did get one of their dolls for one of my nieces and it was really nice.

  • Barb W. June 15, 2015

    Wow! That is a total dream-come-true experience for your beautiful girls! I hope to take my grand daughter when she gets a little older. Thanks for sharing the inside scoop, didn’t know they had stylists, how cool!

  • Debra June 15, 2015

    There is nothing quite like time spent at the American Girl Store with your own little girl! So many special memories there for my daughter and I! Looks like the girls had so much fun – priceless!

  • Trisha June 16, 2015

    Oh wow, what an amazing experience this must’ve been for the girls! I loved the American Girl Books growing up but never owned a doll. I hope my daughter will be able to experience both the books and the dolls as she gets a little older.

  • Travel Blogger June 16, 2015

    as a kid, i used to read the “samantha” books, but never had a doll. so cool!

  • Raijean June 16, 2015

    I’m jealous, since I was younger I’ve always wanted one of these dolls. This is too cute. Glad they had fun.

  • Jennifer June 17, 2015

    I never had an American Girl doll. My niece had one, and she loved it. She still has it, actually.

  • diane June 24, 2015

    My daughter is 13 and still has all her american girl dolls. She absolutely LOVES them!

  • Stefany October 7, 2015

    My daughter is expressing interest in American Girl dolls. She would absolutely love this experience.

  • Tori Gabriel October 10, 2015

    It looks like the girls had a great time. Look at the smiles on their faces! Sounds like you enjoyed it too.


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