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Back-to-School: Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet review

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Welcome to the Space Age Tween Years

Sponsored PostSuddenly, I woke up with a 5th grader. I’m still not completely sure how that happened, but it did. In just those two weeks she’s already experienced pink hair, a new teacher, and a solar eclipse. Not just any eclipse, a total solar eclipse. How perfect could this be considering her recent stint in Space Camp earlier this summer. Oh, how I wish she was there for that. Regardless, eclipses mean new beginnings, and I’m always game for change especially when it is during a time the world needs it most. 


She spent so much time learning on her own this summer and a big part of me is really bummed that school is already here. I watched as she studied at Space Camp and graduated as a Mission Specialist, I saw her devour the Common Sense Media approved Classics and stood by as she honed her geography skills and researched all the places and cultures we were visiting over the break. I was going to miss my little sidekick and her never-ending über-cool music playlists that she enjoyed each and every day.


Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition


School Daze


I recently partnered with Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet and the timing couldn’t be better. Finding ways to make learning fun throughout the school year is always a top priority. Keeping Kiddo focused and on-task is not really a problem, but days are long, and juggling practice, homework, and lessons, can get old real quick when you’re lugging around a heavy backpack. Rolling with a durable tablet cuts down on time wasted and keeps her interest. Plus, it has some amazing parental controls that allow her to feel independent, but creates boundaries, and continues to keep me updated. This is a major plus.


The revolutionary Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet is not only an education tool, but it’s fun too! Engaging and entertaining, Kiddo can make her own choices, while staying within child-approved parameters. It comes with a 2 year worry-free guarantee, and has access to thousands of age-appropriate books, videos, apps and games made available courtesy of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited which is included for a one-year subscription. But my personal favorite are the top educational titles focusing on reading comprehension and math skills.


Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet Review


Having access to the Parent Dashboard is a huge bonus in itself. Amazon FreeTime mode keeps track of what Kiddo is viewing and how much time she’s spending attaining the educational goals and limits her “fun” screen time. The Learn First and Bedtime features helped leaps and bounds when it came time to get back into a back-to-school routine. Kiddo could still turn in at 7:00, but read until “lights out” when the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet timed out at 8:00pm.


All In The Details


The Discussion Cards were helpful because they opened discussion between Kiddo and I so we could come to a mutual decision about how much screen time was really necessary and how it would be divided. To Kiddo’s delight, there is much more leeway on the weekends than Monday thru Friday.


Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet Review


After having a few weeks for both of us to really experience the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet I have to tell you, I’m quite impressed. It’s user-friendly interface makes navigating any accessing all of its capabilities a pleasure. You also can’t beat the durability or price point. Available in three bright case colors (pink, yellow, and blue,) it should come as no surprise that Kiddo went with her signature hue.


What is Your Child’s Favorite Amazon Fire App?

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