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I Dream of Africa

African River Cruise - Safari Elephants

Exploring Luxury River Cruises to Africa and Europe | The JetSet Family

This year, I made a promise to myself to finally put a plan in motion to knock things off of my wish list. No matter how big or how small, I wanted to at least lay the groundwork by sorting out some blueprints to make these dreams become realities. First and foremost, it’s time to take that well needed honeymoon we put off almost 12 years ago. You know how it goes, first comes love, then comes marriage, and before we knew it, you guessed it, the baby carriage arrived.

Fast forward to 2016, we’re a little bit older, and our vacation needs and wants have shifted. While we’re still fond of seeking out adventure, we’d love something a bit more sophisticated with downtime, pampering and a twist of romance as well. That’s when a trusted travel friend suggested a river cruise in Africa.

She had just returned from river cruising over the holidays visiting the Christmas Markets in Europe and raved about the luxury accommodations. “This is a thing?” I thought. So I ran to see if AmaWaterways offered one that was the perfect blend of all our needs and sure enough, there it was, The Stars of South Africa river cruise.

AmaWaterways African River Cruise | The JetSet Family

Aboard the eco-friendly Zambezi Queen, we’d have the opportunity to enjoy a safari cruise on the Chobe River with visits to Cape Town, Victoria Falls, Johannesburg and Greater Kruger National Park. This has to be a dream right? It’s always been my hope to go on safari and see the “Big Five” in South Africa and this is exactly how I would like to do it: with five-star service and gold-metal fine dining all in the lap of luxury.

AmaWaterways African River Cruise - State Room | The JetSet Family

But what about Kiddo?

We’ve decided to have her sit this dance out. AmaWaterways has African river cruises that are the perfect way for us to spend well-needed quality time doing what we both like, while also considering this trip recon for a future family-friendly visit to Africa. I know she would love it, and it’s a spot high on her globetrotting wish list as well.

African River Cruise - Safari | The JetSet Family

Africa is just a small taste of the different river cruises AmaWaterways offers. Travelers can embark on river journeys through Europe, Vietnam & Cambodia and Myanmar; and those looking for a culinary adventure are in luck because travelers can book special themed wine cruises down the Seine, Danube, Rhine, Rhone and Douro rivers.

Which river cruise would you like to add to your travel list in 2017?

Thank you, AmaWaterways for sponsoring this post and encouraging JetSet Dad and I to finally take the honeymoon of our dreams.

Review overview
  • Stephanie January 15, 2016

    This looks amazing! I love to travel, but I haven’t done the river cruises yet. The more I heart about them, the more intrigued I am! I’m adding this to my wishlist as well 🙂

  • Heather Johnson January 15, 2016

    I have never been to Africa, but I would love to see all the wild animals there.

  • Kim Croisant January 16, 2016

    Africa is on my travel bucket list for sure. My husband got to go there on a safari and said I would love it. We will go together one day.

  • Marcie W. January 16, 2016

    I have a terrible case of wanderlust and my travel bucket list is far larger than my standard bucket list. The top places on my list are Europe, France and Italy specifically, but Africa is on the list as well!

  • Robin January 17, 2016

    I am very excited for you both! This looks like an incredible opportunity as a couple and as a traveler! Enjoy it!

  • Judy Sharp January 17, 2016

    Looks like they have a great program – perfect combination of luxury and adventure. I’m more for Europe but river cruising is great – don’t have to pack and repack 😍

  • Francesca (@WorkMomTravels) January 17, 2016

    Whoa, African river cruises are a thing?! I really had no idea! I’m kind of over the whole idea of the European river cruise (especially because the biggest lines are so family UNfriendly), and I’m dying to get back to Africa. This would be PERFECT.

  • diane January 18, 2016

    That would be an amazing experience! We contemplated doing a rainforest tour for our honeymoon but it was just too expensive. I would love to try a river cruise!

  • samiya selim January 19, 2016

    We have enjoyed river cruises in Bangladesh but haven’t done it elsewhere..would love to do ones in Vietnam & Cambodia and Myanmar!

  • Victoria@celebratetheweekend January 19, 2016

    I totally believe in having “couple’s” time without the kids, and spending it traveling (while like you said scouting:) the destination for future family trips sounds great

  • Brittany September 28, 2016

    Oh wow! That would be AMAZING!! Africa is on my bucket list too and I almost made it there a couple years ago. I was in Spain and only a couple hours away but then at the last moment, my plans fell through. I’ll make it there one of these days though!
    Thanks to you, it may be a river cruise!


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