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All-Star Chef Classic for Kids

All-Star Chef Classic Little Masters Le Creuset

Inside Restaurant Stadium

The best days of my adult life are the days I get to sit back and watch my daughter make dreams become realities. Today was one of those days.  Kiddo is a dreamer. I don’t know if that’s exactly the best word to describe her, but she’s so much more of a creative soul than an engineer type.  So participating in the Little Masters cooking event at the All-Star Chef Classic is a big deal for her. I mean a really big deal, and I was so grateful that she was able to be a part of it.

All-Star Chef Classic Restaurant Stadium | The JetSet Family

Having the chance to watch her “do her thing” and accomplish one more thing on her “life list” direct from Restaurant Stadium was surreal. Her love for cooking has grown in leaps and bounds since she first went to the inaugural event two years ago and watching her respect the art of cooking this time around made my heart smile. 

All-Star Chef Classic Little Masters Mixing Stations | The JetSet Family

She was there on a mission and nothing was going to get between her and her Le Creuset skillet or Ludo Lefebvre, but we’ll get to that in a few.  The lovely, Sarah Michelle Gellar hosted this amazing event as her new company Foodstirs was a proud sponsor, as was William-Sonoma who provided these fun chef hats amongst other fab item for the kids cooking class.

But the runaway star of the show was three time James Beard Award winner, Sherry Yard. The spunky chef is such a wonderful inspiration for budding Little Masters with honestly, has the raddest shoes in all of the land. We’re talking rainbow sparkle Vans. AND…she has pink hair. So cool and so thrilled in 2016, she has plans to revive Helms Bakery as Chef and Owner. 

Today pizza was on the menu and not only was everything perfectly measured for the Little Masters, making it easy for our pint-sized chefs to make their magic, but they were able to knead the dough and add the toppings of their choosing. 

Little Masters Pizza Toppings

I’m going to make a very bold statement right now. My husband and I both agree after trying our daughter’s masterpiece, it was the best pizza dough we’ve ever tasted. Coming from New Jersey that is a testament to how perfectly delicious it was.

So now back to Chef Ludo. Kiddo has been trying to get a spot in his kid’s cooking class at Trois Mec here in L.A. the last few times to no avail, so it was HUGE for her to muster up the courage to ask him for a photo. She was thrilled and may or may not have blushed a bit when she complimented him on his pink highlights as he replied, “Merci!” 

All-Star Chef Classic Little Masters The JetSet Family

I highly recommend this event because it is perfect for children 3 – 13 who love to cook, love to make things, or just plain loves to eat. And it’s fantastic for mom and dad because the goodie bag you’ll bring home will encourage even more family time in the kitchen. I’m telling you, do not pass up this Los Angeles gem of an event. 


Le Creuset Sponsor All-star Chef Classic

Thank you to the sponsors that made this event possible. See all the cool stuff Kiddo brought home in her goodie bag, and click to bring home for your family.

Photo credits: Nicole Standley

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Review overview
  • Leah March 14, 2016

    What a great event!! I wish we had something like this near me!

  • Kristi March 14, 2016

    What a fun event and you were able to get some great photos for your daughter to remember it for years to come!.

  • Marysa March 14, 2016

    What a cool event! I’ve been trying to get my kids involved in cooking and I know they would have loved this!

  • Jacqui Odell March 14, 2016

    This sounds like a lot of fun! My son loves helping me in the kitchen so I bet he would love this.

  • Kathleen Kennedy-Leon March 14, 2016

    my sonny boy SEan Eddie would love this–he is 8 and just starting really taking an interest in cooking–not just baking. We made meatballs and omemade sauce last week with garlic bread. This looks like a great event.

  • Sherry March 18, 2016

    Sooooo…. Happy that you and Kiddo had a wonderful time! It certainly was an honor to lead the charge! Looking forward to next year!


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