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Life. To The Fullest.

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What is #fullosophy?

It’s your own unique way of living that gets you to your fullest. Your joyfullest, your peacefullest, your hopefullest. Your #fullosophy is at the heart of who you really are and it helps you become your best possible self.

The path we take is different for each of us. 

What is the one thing that makes you feel the most fulfilled?

Personally? My daughter inspires me to live my best life. I have always taken a special pride in celebrating life to the fullest on a daily basis, but when she came along nine years ago, I promised myself I wouldn’t have it any other way. We only get one life after all and every minute counts. I want her to live life and not sit and watch it pass by from the sidelines. I recognize her thirst for adventure and exploration and I love that I get to help her experience life beyond a text book or scrolling thru photos on her Instagram feed. 

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We live beyond her day-to-day school routine by traveling to new places and trying out new things whether it be restaurants because the kid loves food, or stretching her wings by doing something new like theater classes at the local repertory.

Live by doing. 

As a mom, it is my responsibility to recognize my daughter’s true passion for life, while guiding her into making her dreams become a reality. No one ever told me growing up that I could be whatever I wanted. I didn’t realize there was a whole world choose from. Together, I’m excited my soon-to-be 9 year old and I have the chance to explore different life paths while having fun and enjoying as much play time as possible. I want her to love life. See how wonderful it is. And know, nothing is impossible.

But it wouldn’t be possible without gratitude.

Before I even open my eyes in the morning, I soak up and embrace the deafening silence and count my blessings. I try to come up with at least 10 before my eyelids let the sunshine in. Ironically, I end my day the exact same way. Throughout the day, I find myself repeating a few mantras that bring me peace during all different types of situations, like: “Start where you are.” “Taking the first step is the hardest part,” and “It’s nice to be nice.”  Happiness + satisfaction all comes down to attitude.

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Bottom line. 

Life doesn’t have to be so hard. And as long as you + your loved ones are healthy, there is nothing you can’t get through one day at a time. 

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  • Little Teether January 10, 2016

    It’s a great question actually. It’s an eye opener for many including me on how we supposed to live our respective lives. Are we satisfied with it or is it really fulfilling to live the life we all have now? Thanks for making us realize about it. For me, it’s a good post. I am moved with your story and it makes me more aware of how I must live my life.


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