BMW 328ix SW

I haven’t had a new car in ages. This is very strange for me because in my 20+ years of driving, I’ve had eight new cars. I love cars, so having the same vehicle for more than 2 – 3 years was something I never thought would ever occur. Then life happened. One day lead to the next and I found myself with the same gas guzzler for a few reasons. The biggest factors being: 1.) I couldn’t find a car I was actually in love with; 2.) The ones I would “settle” for were way out of my price range, and 3.) After not having a monthly payment for so long, I wasn’t ready to jump back into that financial commitment. I became the master procrastinator, but that didn’t change the fact I needed a safe family car that I trusted and held it’s value. 

2015 BMW 328ix SW wagon

For those who have not been keeping up, I’ve written two posts outlying my time with Step One: How to Buy a Car and Step Two: Dealing with the Dealer. I learned so much from the Car People and everything I took away from the Car Buying Bootcamp made me incredibly confident about negotiating my next deal. Car buying became my mission and I finally took the plunge. 

So where did I end up working this magic and getting the best deal on a new BMW 2015 BMW 328ix SW wagon?

I’ve been dying to drop my mad car buying skills on some unassuming car dealers. This was the ideal scenario. And for all intensive purposes, this dealer had no idea I was planning on documenting my whole experience to share with you lovelies. After my Jedi training with the Car People at Edmunds last fall, I was ready to take on the stereotypical car dealer.

2015 BMW 328ix SW recommendation

Fortunately, but unfortunately, I didn’t have to. Turned out the joke was on me because Mike D’Amico, the Internet Manager, at Shelly BMW in Buena Park was ready to hook this chick up and sell me my dream car. Yes, my dream car is a wagon! I might love, and trust them completely; however I was able to get a better bottom line price than their Price Promise program. I will say, the PP is legit, and you should use it not only to your advantage, but as a baseline.

Mike was not only extremely knowledgable, but gained our trust by keeping things very transparent and was very easy to work with. He also treated us with respect and appreciated that our time was valuable. Most importantly, not once did we feel pressured into purchasing the car once. Out of all the dealers we shopped, he also gave us the lowest price straight out of the gate to begin negotiations. And the quote was for the exact car, color and complete with every option we wanted, so there was absolutely no settling.   

Originally, we had planned to purchase the car with our own financing, but working with Mike allowed us to get an incredible interest rate directly with BMW. Our decision to go direct will also allow us to establish car buying credit with a major automotive manufacturer, and we will quality for loyal customer rebates and incentives should we continue to purchase another BMW. 

Mike D'Amico Shelley BMW

What assured us that we had made the best decision to purchase with Mike at Shelly BMW, was AFTER we had locked in pricing, Mike called us additional incentives he found. Since we negotiated the cost at the end of the month, but could not take delivery of the car until the beginning of the next month, we were able to add in the new savings they announced as well. This turned out to be a significant added bonus.

For those in Southern California (Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego) looking to lease or finance a new BMW, I strongly suggest contacting Mike in the Internet Sales Department at Shelly BMW in Buena Park. Buying a new car is a huge financial investment and based on our first hand experience, I highly recommend Mike. His manners, respect and professionalism while delivery results really stands out beyond the others.  

I never thought getting a new car could be such a wonderful experience. Thank you Mike D’Amico and Shelly BMW for our best car buying experience to date.

Michael D’Amico
Internet Manager

6750 Auto Center Drive, Buena Park, CA 90621
(888) 405-2102
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Photo credits: Nicole Standley

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Review overview
  • Nancy Lustri (StyleDecor) December 23, 2014

    The BMW Wagon looks very nice. I got a new car two years ago, but I would love to get another one after four years. Definitely checking out a BMW!

  • Patty December 23, 2014

    My father had a BMW and it was a dream to drive. It had heated seats and I loved that.

  • Danielle @ We Have It All December 23, 2014

    I love reading stories like this where you’ve had a great experience. I’ve NEVER had a good experience buying a car and always ended up “settling” with something.

  • Barb W. December 23, 2014

    So nice when you can find quality service and the extra value you want! Nice looking ride!


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