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World Market Holiday Golden Bell Scavenger Hunt

 Happiness is getting to work with World Market! The JetSet Family has collaborated quite a few times over the years with the brand, and I love always love the projects we teamed up to do so much. This sponsored post is courtesy of our friends at World Market, and it’s a good one!



Golden Bell where is he? Near a thing that starts with a “C.”

(Click photo for details)


It’s Beginning to look a lot like a Golden Holiday!




Do You Love World Market as Much as We Do?


I think it’s safe to say I spend a deal of my time at my local World Market this time of the year. Once the holidays roll around, It’s my one-stop shop whether I’m preparing for a feast and in need of extraordinary Thanksgiving tablescapes, or heading into December with holiday gift wrap (with the most amazing ribbons and accouterments,) and gifts on my mind.


Put it this way, it’s not a seasonal thing either, I’ve been known to swing by World Market to put together a killer appetizer cheese board only to also leave with a brand new dining room table to put it on. Truth. Anyway…I about to spill the tea, because I have a very exciting announcement and The JetSet Family readers are some of the very first to hear it. Ready? Drumroll, please…


World Market Golden Bell Scavenger


Ready for a World Market Scavenger Hunt?


What if I told you this holiday season there is over $1.8 MILLION in total rewards hidden throughout selected World Market stores? Let me repeat that, One POINT EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS in rewards, and I’m going to help you find them! That’s right, for the next 38 days (with the exception of Thanksgiving Day,) I will be giving you a clue to where in your local store you can find the Golden Bell.


So what are these Golden Bell Scavenger Hunt Rewards? Between November 1 and December 9th, visit select World Market stores, and if you find a Golden Bell in store, you could receive a $10, $20, $25 or $50 Reward! But first? Are you following me on Instagram? Well, what are you waiting for? Because each morning at 8 am PST, will be sharing a daily clue on Instastories. This clue will help you find a Golden Bell piece at your local World Market where you could receive a reward!”



How to Play World Market Golden Bell Scavenger Hunt?


On days ending in “Y,” beginning Thursday, November 1st through Sunday, December 9th your local Cost Plus World Market store will strategically place eight (8) Golden Bell pieces throughout the store. Each morning at 8 am PST, The JetSet Family share a daily clue on our Instastories to help you find a Golden Bell piece and hopefully you are one of the lucky ones to receive a reward at your store. Should you find one Golden Bell piece, bring it to the nearest store associate to exchange for a reward coupon worth $10, $20, $25 or $50. 

It’s Beginning to look a lot like a Golden Holiday!



I can go on with ways to plan on making this holiday season a GOLDEN one to remember! From accent pieces, to hostest gifts, and eye-popping gift wrap! Want to see even more products to get you in the Golden Holiday mood where you can find Golden Decor and Golden Ornaments galore? Let us help! Follow this link. 


So Are You Excited As We Are for World Market?

For those in the Brea area, let’s connect and go on a hunt together!  Let us know what you liked most about World Market, or if you have any questions about the Golden Bell Scavenger Hunt!


Promotional consideration is courtesy of  World Market. The reward is valid only on the day it is awarded. Limit (1) reward per person throughout the Promotion Period (11/1/18 – 12/9/18, regardless of store location(s) visited. EMPLOYEES and DESIGNATED SHOPPERS NOT ELIGIBLE. Click for a complete list of participating stores. On occasion, contributors of The JetSet Family are invited to experience gifted products and services. This practice does not hinder the influencers’ point of view. Our descriptions have always accurately reflected our overall feelings, and The JetSet Family will only ever share things that we genuinely love and believe worthy of being featured, World Market happens to be one of our very most favorite! This post may include affiliate links, but that’s OK. Any purchases made using these links helps The JetSet Family blog continue to share great content with our readers. Thank you for supporting us and our sponsors. If you are a brand looking to be featured on The JetSet Family, please contact us at info@jetsetfam.com for more information.


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