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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Deal with skincare during Winter

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One for her, one for me. I still can remember my mother grabbing two bottles off of the shelf in the beauty aisle. One for each of our bathrooms and I personally loved it. There was something so fresh, sophisticated and even sensual about the design of the packaging and the feel. This is the woman I wanted to grow up to be. Welcome to my story as I come full circle.

As I reflect upon different stages of my life, I always remember the “getting ready part.”  How Neutrogena Body Oil played a part in major occasion, from my prom, to graduation, a party in college, the first date with my husband, and even some trying times where I just needed silence and a warm bath. It was alway there all year round. More than just a part of my routine, more like a staple in my skincare and pampering arsenal. If I really must date myself, I can remember seen this advertisement while flipping through my latest Seventeen glossy magazine swooning over one of the Brat Packers. I wanted to feel grown-up, be the next Samantha Baker. Have Jake Ryan ask me out and drive off in the sunset in his Porsche. In my mind, this is what I imagined Molly Ringwald’s characters must have sworn by. 


My daughter is turning ten. Can you believe it? A decade. And I found myself in the beauty aisle, staring at different products that I wanted to begin to introduce to her. Without even thinking twice I grabbed two bottles of Neutrogena Body Oil, not so much for the nostalgia (well OK, maybe just a little bit,) but for how it has not only simplified my life giving more time for enjoyment, but it actually works.

Living in Southern California the weather is a tad bipolar with a few psychotic episodes. 46-degrees one day 96 the next. And somehow the light sesame oil formula works all year long whether we’re in flip flops or Wellies. And the results are immediate. Softer, smoother in moments so you can get dressed without the wait. This alone is my version of Heaven. A little goes a long way which I appreciate. I’ll always start after bathing with my elbows and knees since they tend to be by far the driest patches of skin. When I feel like being a bit lavish, I’ll indulge by adding a few drops in the tub for a moisturizing bath.

Deal with skincare during Winter

This year is also Neutrogena Body Oil’s 50th Anniversary and I’m not surprised whatsoever. It’s a classic is the best sense of the word. Never to be thought of or mistaken as “trendy” Neutrogena Body Oil is here to stay so rejoice! By absorbing directly into the skin, it seals moisture in without that icky greasy after-feel. Oil is the latest beauty trend; however it’s clear Neutrogena was years ahead of the curve. Dermatologist-tested, I feel so soft and silky if it’s bitter cold nights or oven hot days. This special moisturizer was created to use a light oil extracted from pure white sesame seeds which helps skin maintain its moisture balance, while providing a subtle fragrance that soothes the mind and body.

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