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Road Trip Blues: Clean Eating

Fazoli Natural Strawberry Goat Cheese Salad

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On The Road Again

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fazoli’s®.

If you are anything like our family chances are you spend more time in your car road-tripping than anywhere else. This is all fine and dandy, and usually results in awesome stories and amazing Instagrams, but along the way the Hanger Beast usually shows up. Not necessarily because it’s been hours since our last meal, but more because we’ve driven for what seems like an eternity had have yet to stumble across a restaurant that even closely resembles natural options without blowing a big part of our travel budget.  

Then I got smart. I started to plot our trips out ahead of time to see which restaurants were on the way making it a mandatory stop along the way. This not only kept the Hanger Beasts at bay, but gave us a good reason to stop, regroup, and relax between Point A and Point B. In fact, just yesterday I scored the fam tickets to an upcoming music festival and thought about the drive out and I smiled because Interstate 60 means one thing: Fazoli’s Italian Restaurant!

Fazoli’s Italian Restaurant

It’s hard to impress me having grown-up with an Italian grandmother, and Fazoli’s does. They make eating out with the family not only a wonderful experience, but one filled with natural choices. They’ve made a commitment to guests and serve up dishes using the high-quality ingredients packed with delicious flavors for the same amount as many fast food restaurants. The recently revamped Fazoli’s Italian Restaurant menu is one to celebrate because it boasts no artificial ingredients, colors, or preservatives, which is a huge bonus in my book.

Naturally Italian

When we stopped by Fazoli’s Italian Restaurant we were so happy to see the removal of artificial ingredients from the entire menu as part of the 0% Artificial 100% Delicious Naturally Italian initiative. This is a really big deal! Not only do we now make it part of our “drive-by” routine, but we’re planning on ordering Take-Out for our upcoming festival trip. This way I know our meals will be both natural and delicious making the entire day even that much more enjoyable.
Working closely with nearly 50 suppliers, Fazoli sought out to guarantee all 81 artificial ingredients, colors and preservatives were completely eliminated from its existing menu. By the taste you can tell they are committed to preparing the most flavorful, highest-quality food possible and going clean was the best decision yet. Finally, authentic Italian dining experience that is healthy and doesn’t sacrifice on taste. This my friends is extremely rare and hard to come by.  

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