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Holiday Gifts Made in The USA

Our Made In American gift guide has kindly been sponsored by these wonder brands that Michelle Vale has worked with over the years. JetSet Family devotees… are you ready for the frenzy of holiday shopping about to be ensued? Well, I'm about to make your life a little easier.  Take a sigh

the best of 2014

2014 was not bad whatsoever. In fact, it was the first year in a long time that I felt was kind to us. Not fantabulously flawless, but it certainly did not deliver the sucker punches like previous years. This is the first year I'm not trying to "own" the new year. Start

Did you hear those bells this morning, no an angel wasn't getting it's wings, Mr. FedEx man was delivering me The Christmas Book 2014 from Neiman Marcus. My love affair with this book began way before Neiman Marcus stores were in every city. I would anxiously await the book to come

2014 fall fashion trends clutches

My typical handbag is roughly the size of a Hefty garbage bag. The bigger the tote, the better. Which is probably exactly why I have a rather large obsession with clutches. They only get to come out on red carpets and Hollywood nights, but this season all of that is about

Gwen Stefani Sweet Escape Fashion Icon

As we continue featuring the fall fashion trends for 2014, I was really excited to share this one. It's no secret. I should have been born in an era when I was old enough for disco naps, The Hustle and Studio 54. I'm so happy that gold, glitter and shimmer

The Season for Sunglasses is here at last! Ever since LASIK, I have been obsessed with sunglasses the way others are with shoes. I once saw a picture of Elton John's sunglass closet (which was the size of our first starter home,) and I thought, "Hmmmm

Some say there is an art to stacking bracelets, especially when it comes to gold bangles; however me? I believe the more, the merrier, and avoid playing by the rules. Mix and match your fine jewelry with fab costume and beaded pieces whenever you can. A nice leather cuff or


Even though Stella McCartney is set to launch a capsule collection with (my fave) Angelina Jolie in celebration of the worldwide release of Disney's Maleficient for the jetset kiddos this April, she's still one of my favorite designers for: MOI! Here are the pieces I'm loving life for big time


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