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The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Exploring The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Once upon a time, at a university far, far away, a girl was living in a dorm and had absolutely no clue what she wanted to pursue. The pressure was mounting in every direction, and all I could see were majors and careers that were extremely boring. I couldn’t live my entire life like this. Everyone around me had this firm grasp on their future, and were going in the right direction, but all I wanted to do was get a job at Rolling Stone Magazine. I wanted to work for the Director of Photography so badly, and even got an interview with my clever cover letter, but I single handedly blew that opportunity when I came down with a raging migraine that I could barely articulate a sentence without my head thumping. I was so close, yet so far.

The Met Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

Art History 101

As a prerequisite, I was required to take Art History and that’s pretty much when my life changed. All of a sudden, I was genuinely interested in what I was learning about because I understood what I was seeing. I had seen it first hand just years before. When I was a junior in high school a bunch of us spent our Spring Break traveling through Austria, Switzerland, and Germany, and for the first time as the professor lectured, I could raise my hand confidently and talk about the pieces before she even assigned them. Finally, I understood what I was suppose to know. I was woke.

The Met Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

History Matters

All of these feelings and memories came flooding back when I brought Kiddo with me to The Metropolitan Museum of Art on our trip back to New York City. Those tall ceilings and the grand staircase, I just wanted to soak up as much as I could in the little time we had. I loved looking at the medieval artifacts, and Coco was on a mad dash search for mummies. She was crushed to find out all she would see was the sarcophagus.

The Met Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

Don’t Dream It, Be It

For this post, I am going to let the photos speak for themselves. If you were to ask me, I’d say it’s the most magical place in New York City; however this post has more to do with encouraging my daughter to seek out the future she desires, and listens carefully for her calling. I want her to know there are more occupations out there than just doctors, lawyers, executives, and the typical careers she hears about the most. I want her to know “Don’t dream it, be it.”

The Met Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

Have You Visited The Met?

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Review overview
  • Annabel March 7, 2018

    I’d love to take my kids to the Met. I did a little pilgrimage of American art galleries and museums after I graduated including this one. I’d taken a course in American art and it was brilliant seeing everything for real. Hope your daughter was suitably inspired.

  • Libby Gerardo March 11, 2018

    Are those all your pics of Coco…amazing photos


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