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The JetSet Family travel blog came to life shortly after JetSet Tot was born in 2007. My professional career began in PR and marketing, focusing on different facets of luxury brands, high-end travel and the entertainment industries, so starting a website devoted to my favorite places and things didn’t seem very far-fetched. But at first I never considered myself a travel writer with a travel blog. I was just jotting down my child’s adventures online for memory sake. It wasn’t until the Baby Bjorn had become our BFF, and with JetSet Tot’s first professional headshot being a passport photo, we knew it was only a matter of time before we had air-travel with a newborn down to a science. Within months, our Lil’ Miss Thang had more frequent flyer miles than most do in a lifetime and by 2.5 years old, with almost 30 flights (mostly First Class, including her maiden voyage,) she had her own guest-profile in many of the country’s finest hotels.

The JetSet Family Travel Blog

The Jet-Set Tot hitching a ride at LAX.

The JetSet Family Travel Blog

What originally began as a travel journal to document Jet-Set Tot’s adventures has become a go-to guide for parents who are still consumed by wanderlust, looking for the feel of a higher-end ‘couples getaway’, but now have to ‘double-date’ with J.I.T.’s or Jet-setters In Training! We make it a point only to feature best-of-the-best on The Jet-Set Family, and unless mentioned otherwise, I have personally experienced every product, resort and service.

Welcome to our site. The Jet-Set Family, so happy to have you!

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