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On Set with The Goldbergs

I love Jeff Garlin and I have been a fan for as long as I can remember. A loyal listener of his brilliant podcast, I would catch a drink next door at The Roger Room waiting for him to take stage at Largo whenever he would have a "conversation" with friends. My favorite

On Set with Dr. Ken • The JetSet Family

"I ain't afraid of no gwishin." - Dr. Ken I made it Sony Pictures in record time. This is unheard of, so I said a quick "PTL" prayer of gratitude and I walked from the parking structure, and passed larger than life photos of all the different shows being taped on the

Amazon's Emmy nominated Annedroids

This school year, my daughter's interest this school year in STEM curriculum exceeded all of my expectations. She had always had a keen interest in the sciences and tech, but once she was introduced to the world of engineering, her life changed. STEM excited her, made her curious to learn more

The JetSet Family // Visiting the set of Cougar Town

Special Event Let it be known, I am so stinkin' excited to watch the new season of Cougar Town on TBS. No, this is not a sponsored post, I was just thinking about the awesome night I spent with them and I love the show it so much that I wanted


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