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SOAK: Get Your Feet Wet

SOAK Slide Sandals Summer 2015

One of The JetSet Family’s most popular stories is our Made In New York piece featuring fashion designer, Michelle Vale. Last time, we asked her to share what she loves most about Manhattan and I’m happy to announce she’s back as a guest contributor to talk about her exciting new venture: SOAK. Let’s just say I really wish I had a pair on my last week’s trip to Hawaii. From airport to beach, to happy hour and beach dinners — I would have been set! – Nicole

The Flip Flop vs. The Slide

We have been wearing flip flops for over a quarter century, and in the past 10 years they have been more popular than ever. Collectively, we’ve overdosed on the trend, accepting their use in situations where they’re simply inappropriate (not to mention completely unfashionable.) For some, they are a comfortable solution, but not for all: recent orthopedic studies say they are actually bad for our backs.


And from a fashion perspective, they aren’t exactly chic when worn beyond the pool deck or beach towns. This alone, led my partner and “sole-mate,” Elena and I, to create, design and produce a better option: the SOAK slide.

Introducing: SOAK

SOAK slides work for sea and sand, pavement or parquet, and we are bringing them to market this summer! With a fashionable vision, SOAK are stylish enough to wear to Happy Hour after a long day in heels. Oh, and did I mention functional? Elena and I have well over 20 plus years in the fashion industry so we’ve seen it all,  and know first hand how important function is while looking great.  

We knew we were onto something big, but didn’t realize the magnitude until we had the opportunity to share our vision with the former CEO of Havaianas. She was SOLD! Immediately recognizing we had a winning sandal to take to market, it was only a matter of weeks before she partnered with us on our new venture. 

SOAK Slide Sandals Summer 2015

Before we knew it, the enthusiasm for SOAK slides grew in leaps and bounds. Our initial meetings with major retailers were instant successes, and having only shared our pre-engineered samples to several major retailers, we received glowing reviews. 


As a fashion designer, I knew style was key. I also knew I was passionate for this shoe to be appealing to every woman, coast-to-coast and everywhere. I had a few ideas in mind, but Elena, a former fashion editor of Elle and Town and Country, brought the psychological and physiological elements to the design. She was insistent that comfort must be equally important to the style of our sandal. 

Michelle Vale Elena Corsano SOAK slide

When we set out to create SOAK back in June 2014, collectively, we dreamt up the perfect design, with comfort at the forefront. I’m proud to say, SOAK slides are ergonomically designed, keeping your back, knees and feet in mind without sacrificing style. Those suffering from bunion issues, or looking for an alternative to the casual thong flip flop, will be pleased with SOAK’s well-thought out sophisticated design.

So you want to know the best part?

SOAK slides are recyclable, vegan and made locally in Maine, USA.

Soon you too will be able to soak into comfort of your very own SOAK slides.

As we approach the final stages of production, we erected a SOAK slide Kickstarter campaign. By supporting SOAK, you have the opportunity to pre-order your own pair of slides at a discounted rate before they hit the stores this Summer. Talk about being a jetsetting trendsetter, with over 350 pairs sold already, you will be the owner of one of the very first pairs of SOAK sandals ever made! 

I’m proud to say, we are almost at our goal, and you have five (5) days left before we conclude the campaign. I know you are going to love SOAK as much as we do, so I really hope you check out our Kickstarter page and grab yourself a pair of slides. 

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Written by Michelle Vale

Michelle Vale

Michelle Vale resides in downtown Manhattan with her husband, two children and newly adopted pup, Navy. Owner of Michelle Vale Inc. and co-founder of SOAK, she’s passionate about traveling the globe with her family and spend time exploring the city she loves so much by visiting museums, dining out, and uncovering the latest trends + hot spots New York City has to offer.

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Review overview
  • Jeanette April 23, 2015

    I wear Flip flops all the time and I have trouble with my back. I never connected the two. I LOVE these shoes I will have to check into them!

  • katrina g April 26, 2015

    those are so cute!!!! i’m going to have to check them out more. love the colors.

  • Jenn June 24, 2015

    These are adorable! I practically live in flip flops bc we live in FL, these would look much nicer. I love that blue color too!