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His Story: No Time to “Tool” Around

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It’s 4:30 am and the alarm goes off like clockwork. Hubs gets up quietly trying to make a sound, but what he doesn’t realize is that I’m already on #3 or #4 of my list of 10 Things I’m Grateful for even before I open my eyes. It’s funny because in the wee hours of the morning he’s so quiet, but once everyone is up you’d think a stampede of wild elephants was running through my home. 

He’s also really predictable. Every night before bed, he leaves his wallet, keys, and TREAD on the buffet table near our front door. I get the need for his wallet and keys to get to “the box” which is just a fancy CrossFit name for the gym, but his Leatherman’s  TREAD as well? To each his own, I suppose. 

 Leatherman Thread

When he returned from his workout, I asked him how it was and without prompting he said it was one of his better ones because he finally remembered to bring his TREAD. Really? Why is that? It gave him the freedom to maximize his workout because he could tighten any equipment or weights as needed without having to waste any time. Then I asked him what else does he use it for. I was genuinely curious because he is not one to really to wear wrist accessories, but he hasn’t taken off this one with 17-4 stainless steel bracelet links since he received it.

Leatherman Thread

What else do I use it for? Well let’s see for starters, as I pulled in behind you, I realized you still hadn’t put your permanent license plate on the new car. Or the license plate cover for that matter, so you can cross those off of your to-do list because they are taken care of. And they he proceeded to tell me that he likes the sleek design and the comfort of it, because he barely even knows it’s there, but has 29-tools at his disposal anytime and anywhere. 

He really appreciated it last month when he flew out to Vegas for a trade show and was responsible for the building of it, then end-of-the-week tear down. Everything he could have needed an more was on his wrist, as he strolled right through security, not having to tote or ship his heavy tools like he’s done in the past. The TREAD had him rolling with Allen wrenches, screwdrivers, and box wrenches at a moment’s notice. The links are also customizable and adjustable for big wrists like his, and smaller ones like mine.

Leatherman Thread

“Do you want me to go on?” He said in a slightly obnoxious tone, “Please do I said.” “All those crazy furniture pieces you come home with and DIY boxes with hard to pronounce Swedish names drive me bananas, but not with the TREAD.” He then went on to say, “I actually find it kind of relaxing now. Sort of like putting together a puzzle. I understand now why my grandfather always had his Leatherman tool in his pocket 24/7.”

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