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Rancho Bernardo Inn

Kids Rule, Parents Drool.

Earlier this month, Rancho Bernardo Inn invited The JetSet Family to experience their dynamic summer package Kids Rule, Parents Drool. On paper the details looked fantastic, but it was not until we arrived that we realized how amazing this getaway was actually going to be. Rancho Bernardo Inn was named by Travel + Leisure one of the World’s Best Resorts for 2013. That’s huge! Let’s just say JetSet Tot instantly became the Kid Ambassador for the the resort and was given special treatment from the moment we stepped through those doors. Upon arrival, Tot was greeted with a bucket of toys and a very special GOLDEN TICKET to be used at some point during our stay. Her chariot? Her own personal chauffeured driven golf cart!


Let the ‘Glamping’ begin!

Yes, that’s right, our big, beautiful room had a child-size tent, sleeping bag, stuffed animal, and s’mores all ready to go for JetSet Tot. Is this not the coolest place or what? Rancho Bernardo Inn pulled out all the stops. Even an extra-special treat for JetSet Mom and Dad to enjoy, a delicious cheese platter with a great bottle of wine! Too bad our Lil’ foodie ate most of the cheese plate before she realized that she could pick-up the phone and order herself complimentary room service off of the Kids Menu whenever her little heart desired. Yep! All of the kids meals and drinks are free with the Kids Rule, Parents Drool package, even room service.


Scavenger Hunts & Mulligans.

We decided to take a walk before it started to get dark so we could get familiarized with the beautiful grounds. There were wishing wells around every corner and JetSet Tot loved going on the hunt for them so she could make wishes. (She really wants a unicorn…) Then she saw it, the miniature golf course next to the Pro Shop. It was all over. She could have stayed there and practiced her putt for hours. And, she did!


Kids Eat FREE!

During our stay at Rancho Bernardo Inn we made sure to sneak some in-room dining, lunch at Verandah Fireside Lounge & Restaurant and dinner at AVANT. All were fantastic and each had it’s own charm. Cafe Granada was perfect for on-the-go meals or snacks, Verandah was exactly what we were looking for during lunch and AVANT, well AVANT was amazing. If you missed our review on the newly opened restaurant make sure to check out this link. Stay tuned because we will be featuring a full-review on Verandah as well.


Dive-In Movies

Our family really l loved the concept of the ‘Dive In Movie’, how great is that? Movies at night right at the family pool. Not only do they serve popcorn and s’mores, but you can order room service and have it delivered to your lounge chair while watching movies like Brave and Despicable Me. Tot also hit up the Kids Rule Arts & Science Center where she made a really cool hummingbird feeder!


Pamper Me!

Now what is mandatory for every luxury vacation? That’s right, spa time! Well JetSet Tot had her own appointment to get beautified with a pedicure. She picked out a great shade of BUTTER nail lacquer and had her toes done. With a side of chocolate cake. Yes, chocolate cake. I’m telling you, she was SPOILED. Usually, it is the parents, but you know somethings up when your child is riding shotgun in the golf cart while JetSet Mom and Dad are in the backseat!


Rancho Bernardo Inn Rules!

Hugs & passports,

– Nicole

Photo credits: Nicole Standley


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Written by Nicole Standley

Nicole Standley

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