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Tween Dreams: Raising a Fashionista

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Oooooh, oooooh, Growin’ Up




She was barely 3 years old, but would watch recorded episodes of The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo religiously while carefully layering each and every single piece of costume jewelry I owned across her tiny frame. “This? Is B-A-N-A-N-A-S,” and “I die” she’d mimic. Of course, I let her do it. I couldn’t wait to see what she would do next. I never thought twice about holding her back. Why? Because I was in a constant state of awe with this child.

She was clearly in on a secret the rest of us didn’t know. She was already an unknown legend. She knew her calling and recognized it. How this toddler innately knew just how to pair pieces together like Iris Apfel, or add oversized Chloe sunglasses like Anna Wintour, and pose for selfies when I was the farthest thing from a Kardashian was beyond anything I could possibly comprehend.

That’s when she said the sentence that showed us a glimpse of her future, “Mama, when I grow up, I’m going to be the President of my own fashion brand. And I’m going to name it Coco Fran.”




She’s held on tightly to her dream all these years and even already won a scholarship to Fashion Camp. She goes through phases the exact same way designers like Tom Ford and Victoria Beckham plan out their seasons. Kiddo has always had this underlying theme of modern takes on preppy classics, but wasn’t afraid to take it to a whole new level depending on what music she was listening to.

She’s an absolute visionary and influencer without even realizing it. Always a step ahead. Back-to-school shopping consisted of creating her very own seasonal capsule collection for middle school. And she blew my ever living mind when she shopped my closet for “retro” and “vintage” pieces like my Doc Marten MaryJane’s and chokers from the 90’s. It didn’t take much to guess her playlist had a lot of Garbage, Nirvana, Beck, and Weezer, on heavy rotation.

If I didn’t know better, on her first day of school she looked as though she could have been my best friend in high school circa 1993.



Freaks and Geeks


I want nothing more than to freeze time, and savor the moments, but I also cannot wait to see this girl blow the roof off the fashion industry and fulfill her destiny.


I’m learning that navigating these years are not only special, but delicate. Often I realize I forget just how “heavy” things can seem at this age. Most importantly, as the years pass, the long I’ve been a parent, the more I am forgetting what it is like to be her age and how she feels. There’s a big disconnect. I’ve been reminding myself and learning the parental ropes with the help of CPTC.  The Center for Parent and Teen Communication is new, and has been an invaluable resource and I’m so grateful to be partnering with them.


Here is a fun and playful challenge, share this video with your community and tell us a special memory of your teen when you caught a glimpse of their future. Who they would become or a special trait.  And make sure to tag us with #ThenAndNowKids and #CPTC so we can follow along.



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