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Test Drive with Kelley Blue Book

Welcome to a  sponsored post that sheds a bright light on what it's like to live with stinky car syndrome. It's common and the struggle is real people. Sniff. "What’s that smell? No, seriously! What is that awful smell?" I know you know what I'm talking about. That dialogue haunts me on a

Family photo by Ben Smith : CC BY 2.0

Sometimes all you need a helping hand. New post - sponsored by @HomeHero - This paid-advertisement has been brought to you by HomeHero. I believe in signs. I don't believe in coincidence. Often times the Universe whispers to me and I'll brush it off, then it whispers a bit louder, and louder until finally

Which charity are you going to give to? Forget the latte and give today. Take this opportunity + help a cause close to your heart today for i♥oc Giving Day.

The little things. As I bid farewell to 2014 and open my arms wide to 2015, I began to think about the little things that brought me the most happiness. A few months ago, JetSet Tot and I started counting our blessings every night at bedtime and it's has made brought peace in

the best of 2014

2014 was not bad whatsoever. In fact, it was the first year in a long time that I felt was kind to us. Not fantabulously flawless, but it certainly did not deliver the sucker punches like previous years. This is the first year I'm not trying to "own" the new year. Start

September 11, 2001 Where were you?

As luck would have it, Jet-Set Tot had Friday off from school. I love when she's home and I wanted to do special exploring with her. The Long Beach Aquarium and Discovery Science Center entered my mind, but then I received a text from our beloved Jo-Jo asking her to


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