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StreamTeam: Netflix Role Models for Tween Girls

Role Models for Tweens

Netflix #StreamTeam

It wasn’t until this last election that I truly realized how important celebrating International Women’s Month really is. Growing up, I never gave women’s rights much thought. I never had to. As hard as I try, I simply can’t remember a time I was ever told I couldn’t do something I wanted to do because I was a girl. My family supported my Star Wars obsession as much as my Barbie dolls, and it didn’t matter if I wore dresses or Jordans. There was never a discussion, and I always grew up believing I could become whomever or whatever I wanted to be. Perhaps there’d be some challenges along the way, but gender being one of them never crossed my mind.

Fast forward years later and the importance of International Women’s Month is magnified for me more than ever. As an adult raising a daughter, I can now clearly see the inequalities and just how naïve I was to them beforehand. Anyone who has met a 10 year old girl, knows they might be small, but they are the strongest, toughest, and most resilient humans on the planet. They are intelligent, witty, and will stand firm and want to be heard. I want my daughter to know while she may only be still considered a child, she is without a doubt a citizen of the world that can and WILL make a very big difference in her lifetime.

Smart is the new cool

The older Kiddo gets, the more and more I realize what a strong influence the media has on her tween world. I want her to gravitate to the Michelle Obama’s of the world, and become interested in stories with positive female “do the right thing” influences. This is why I’m grateful for Netflix Originals

Project MC2

Meet McKeyla McAlister. She tops my list because besides the fact that she is working to save the world as a spy for a secret organization, I find her inspiring, witty, courageous, and intelligent. But what I love most is her family and friends always come first. 

Role Models for Tweens

Fuller House

Sure I’m watching for Uncle Jesse (John Stamos), but I can’t ignored the fact my daughter watched DJ Tanner as a child on Full House, and now sees what an incredible woman she has grown into, finding her place in the world and raising kids after life deals her a fair share of hardships. 

Role Models for Tweens

One Day at a Time

I’m starting to see a trend. Maybe I’m the one secretly searching for role models from my past. The remake of One Day at a Time could have been kitchy, but the thread that weaves family together tugs at my heartstrings. This is a show that from episode to episode, there is something that every girl can relate to and learn from. 

Role Models for Tweens

What is your favorite Netflix Original series?

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