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On Set with Dr. Ken

On Set with Dr. Ken • The JetSet Family

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“I ain’t afraid of no gwishin.” – Dr. Ken

I made it Sony Pictures in record time. This is unheard of, so I said a quick “PTL” prayer of gratitude and I walked from the parking structure, and passed larger than life photos of all the different shows being taped on the lot. I am such a lover of movies and television that being on set never gets old for me. Just receiving that Guest Pass for the day makes my heart flutter. It’s where the magic is made and my happiness begins. 


On this particular day I was headed to meet up with the cast of Dr. Ken in anticipation for their Halloween episode that you must catch either in real time or On Demand. Do yourself a favor and don’t miss it, it’s such a special story that many of us can relate. Through D.K.’s Korean Ghost Story, Allison receives a wish all mothers can relate to. That transitional age when their babies lose excitement for Halloween. Her little boy is growing up, but can the Park family fix all that? 


For many of you like myself, you probably think of Ken Jeong first because of his rolls as Asian mobster “Mr. Chow” in the Hangover, which is AWESOME, or the obnox doctor in Knocked Up, but the Ken Jeong, actor, producer, writer, husband and father of 9 year old twin daughters was one of the nicest and most interesting gentlemen I’ve ever spoken to. And did you know that he really is a doctor? Prior to leaving the profession to pursue a career in comedy, both he and his wife were prominent physicians. 


We rolled up on set as the cast and crew were finishing up lunch and prepping for filming some shots that couldn’t be done in front of their typical studio audience. Our group had the opportunity to walk around set and take up close and personal photos of everything from HMO doctor office set-ups, to fake utility bills, and family photos. We met the kids that play Ken’s children on the show, and a few minutes later, Ken himself joined us, along with his costars, Suzy Nakamura and Dana Lee. 

For an hour we discussed everything from juggling parenthood, to the importance of keeping the set culturally authentic, and even gave me the best heart-to-heart parenting advice about dealing with my daughter’s difficulty in 4th grade math. Imagine that Mr. Leslie Chow telling me how I should navigate the tides of parenthood. Oh, and not only did we discuss the trials + tribulations of raising 9-year old girls,  he gave me Dr. Ken SCRUBS! How rad is that? 


But nothing, and I mean nothing will ever even come close to the moment I heard Mr. Chow laugh, out loud, live and in person. It was EVERYTHING. 

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