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On-Set with 9JKL

On set with the cast of 9JKL

This post is sponsored by CBS on behalf of 9JKL; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Greetings from Apartments 9JKL!

One of the best parts of being a lifestyle bloggers is getting to go behind-the-scenes inside the entertainment world. Whether is a private screening, world premiere, or a set visit with the cast and crew, it’s something I always look forward to. Last week I paid a visit to the new comedy series on CBS, 9JKL. It stars Mark Feuerstein (Royal Pains) and is inspired mostly by his real life family. Feuerstein, also an executive producer, shares the stage with the likes of David Walton, Elliott Gould, Linda Lavin, Liza Lapira, Albert Tsai, and whom I consider the break-out star of this cast: Matt Murray. 

On set with the cast of 9JKL

We arrived on set and had the opportunity to not only watch a scene being filmed between David Watson and Linda Lavin, but had the chance to preview an upcoming episode, and meet with the cast for some Q & A. Feuerstein, who plays Josh Roberts, a new divorcé and actor, moves home to New York City to regroup, but the twist is his new apartment is smack dab between Apartments 9J and 9L where he’s sandwiched in between his folks on one side and brother, sister-in-law and baby on the other. Lavin plays his well-intentioned mom, Judy, who is so excited to have her son home after a long stint in Los Angeles, she bribes the super hilarious Matt Murray (who plays the doorman, Nick,) to ring her when Josh takes the elevator to floor 9 just so she can greet him. 

On set with the cast of 9JKL

Then This Happened

But Judy is not the only one who is thrilled that Josh is back home, his father, Harry, played by the incredible, Elliott Gould, has zero boundaries, and can’t wait to help Josh with his “next big break,” using his so-called Hollywood “connections.” Can we just pause here for a moment. Is this sinking in? At all? Let me spell it out for you. Ready? People… I MET ELLIOTT GOULD. THE Elliott Gould. I’m still trying to process this and his incredible soft hands. Besides the fact I have loved him since the original E/R. not that E.R. with George Clooney, the ORIGINAL E/R. with George Clooney — there’s a big difference people.  This one was a comedic sitcom. I love him as Reuben in the Ocean’s 11 franchise and he’s also my favorite non-friend on FRIENDS, and the mere fact that he is Jason Gould’s father made me want to explode with happiness. We all know how much I worship Bernard from Prince of Tides. People…I swear while on set every time Elliott Gould said the words, “My son,” angels in Heaven received their wings. 

David Walton who was super cool in real life, plays his successful surgeon brother, Andrew, who has no problem saying, “No,” to his meddling parents. It’s going to be interesting to see how their relationship unfolds over the season. I’m curious to see where the storyline goes. I like the natural chemistry between these two, so I’m definitely going to continue to tune in each Monday at 9:30 ET/PT.

Art Imitating Life

We all know what it’s like to have people coming at you from all sides, but can you imagine it being Linda Lavin, Elliott Gould, and David Walton? Wow. 

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