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Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

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There’s A Wocket, WHERE?!


So we’ve hit a small hurdle. See, Halloween is a big deal in our home. As in REALLY big deal. Kiddo has dressed as every fictional storybook character from Hermione Granger to Eloise, and this year she was ready to go “Silver Screen Sensation,” but reached a grade and age that her classes are no longer allowed to dress up for Halloween. Instead, they take a scouting field trip to the local university which she’s also super stoked for. Needless to say, now plans for her Elle Woods costume is on hold until further notice. Sorry, Bruiser. Woof!



But don’t think for one second a silly field trip is going to completely deflate this child’s Halloween dreams. Of course, she is going to still let her Halloween spirit shine, but this time she’ll do it by accessorizing. She has such a keen fashion sense, and she’s up for the challenge. This little bump in the road had her rethinking her costume, and since she was going to college for the first time, why not celebrate everyone’s favorite, Dr. Seuss. So where do we even start?



Look How Happy Dr. Seuss Makes Her!


Remember, she can’t be in a costume for obvious reasons, but still wants some flare. So thanks to our friends at Elope, we found this Cat in the Hat Bricky Blocks Build-On snapback, complete with hat, pieces, and design template, and these adorable Grinch socks to dress up her already super cute outfit. I love that she will still look the part, yet can celebrate a day that means so much to her. The BPA-free hat is compatible with most major brick-building systems, and is adjustable fitting most kids and even adults.



What Is Your Favorite Dr. Seuss Book?

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  • Michaele Hall October 9, 2018

    Go Coco, a true fashionista! I am looking forward to seeing her style sense evolve! From another Fashionista!


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