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Ocala Marion County Is A Good Place To Start

Ocala Marion County Florida

Welcome to Ocala Marion County 

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ocala/Marion County VCB. All opinions are 100% mine.

I want to get lost in small town America. No, I mean it, I really do. I love traveling the world, but I have this dream to pull a Zuckerberg and roam from town-to-town, talking to the fine folks that were either born, raised and never left, or loved it so much that were drawn back to the place they call home. 

I always tell my daughter when starting a project, go “corner-to-corner” this way you’ll cover everything in your path and the further you step away, the clearer the glimpse of just how beautiful whatever “it” is becomes. So for this project, I’ll be exploring the classic Florida charm of Ocala / Marion County. 

Ocala/Marion County offers its visitors classic Florida Travel charm. Known as Horse Capital of the WorldTM we’ll be far from The Mouse, and enjoying a few days trail riding on horseback, enjoying down home local cuisine, and exploring what makes Ocala/Marion County a great place for families, beyond just a beautiful weekend stay in an adventurous, outdoor paradise.

Dive Right In! Ocala/Marion County Activities

I think the outdoor activity that tempts me the most are the numerous crystal clear springs, filled with good old-fashioned swimming holes for the entire family to cool off in during the Florida heat. You can stop by Alexander Springs, Juniper Springs, and Salt Springs to snorkel, canoe, kayak, fish and boat in the various lakes in the county.

Where to Stay?

We are all about long weekends and I think I would love to try one of Ocala/Marion County Lodging bed & breakfasts or rustic cabins. I know OMC has accommodations to fit every type of family within all kinds of budgets. But make sure reserve something quickly because you’re not going to want to miss all of the September fun: festivals, start of football, horseback riding, fall vacation, harvests, and get this… a Pumpkin Run car event at the end of October!

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Have you visited Ocala/Marion County?

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