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Coping with Migraines

As a longtime sufferer of migraines, I have partnered with Teva Pharmaceuticals as they kick-off the More to Migraine campaign. In appreciation of my participation, I have been graciously compensated in return for sharing my story. “I created this post as part of a campaign by Teva Pharmaceuticals. I received an American Express gift card for participating.”

Even before I wiped the sleep from my eyes this morning I knew it would be one of “those” days. I could feel that dull soreness over my right eye that is the tell tale sign that in just a few hours I would be down for the count. Hello, my name is JetSet Mom and I suffer from migraines.

First diagnosed with chronic migraines when I was 8 years old, I am one of the lucky ones. While I haven’t outgrown them completely, I still do experience them on a regular basis. Even as I type this, I can already tell that one is circling and ready to swoop in with a vengeance like an unwanted house guest that refuses to leave. 

Can’t see straight

I know within hours I am going to be rendered useless. For how long? I’m not sure, could be a few hours, or maybe even a few days, so I am trying to beat the clock by making sure meals are ready to go in the fridge, my writing assignments are done, carpool is organized and everything is situated. 

While the causes of my migraines have ranged from everything from my eyesight deteriorating at rapid rate when I was a child, to everything from bouts of stress to even the weather, certain things exacerbate them for me as well like processed foods and sometimes if I happen to incorporate red wine into my diet. I typically refrain from alcohol; however being a food writer, it’s not uncommon for their to be pairings while at tastings and I’ll indulge then. 

Migraine Triggers

Hopefully, today won’t be a doozy. Like the ones where I’d sell my soul to live in a remote cold, dark cave where all light, sound and heat can’t find me. I hope this one will let me rest my head on my pillow without feeling like my brain is rattling inside my skull. And I hope this one doesn’t leave me with nausea. But most of all, please don’t let me suffer from all of them at once. 

“Is this even real? How can I stand this much pain?”

Once I’m in the demon’s clutches I am basically a zombie and a shell of my former self from just hours earlier. My whole entire world will need to be placed on hold because I will barely even be able to hold a pencil let alone see straight.  I have zero fight in me and even when the pain subsides, I will still feel as though a train rode over me the following day. 

The world becomes black and white

I can’t even begin to list how much I have missed over the years. From major holidays to work, flights, my daughter’s milestones and big celebrations. These are times I will never get back. While I may have gone from chronic sufferer to frequent or regular, I know others where this is a weekly thing. If this is you, know you are not alone. 

For more information on coping with migraines, please visit MoreToMigraine.com

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