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Time Well Spent with Michael Kors

Jack Kerouac said, “Be in love with your life. Every minute of it.” So 2019 is all about time management and that is exactly one of the key messages I’m teaching Kiddo this year. I understand this can be a lot to comprehend for a tween, but the OS by Google: Michael Kors – Runway Smartwatch is the perfect tool to for this pint-sized fashionista with a major social calendar to learn on. It’s gorgeous, and perfectly compliments her fashionista side with a load of “life hacks” to help her stay on task.

Fashion Meets Function

This rose gold beauty not only looks great, but fashion meets function the more she learns what it does, and all of its beneficial capabilities, I’ve noticed her staying on task more which leads to productivity. At first, I thought it may be a bit sophisticated for someone her age, but not only does it look great with her wardrobe, but it has motivated her to keep up with all of her responsibilities, while even monitoring her fitness schedule and goals she needs to excel at swimming. Because of its durable stainless steel casing, it’s water resistant up to 98 feet, and monitors her training so she can keep track of her distance traveled, activities, inactivities, and heart rate.

Getting Organized

The Michael Kors smartwatch also allows her to track goals outside of the pool, and will be a great asset once school picks up again, with minimal distractions. She’s already a stickler for being punctual, but the calendar is going to help her prioritize her homework with her demanding afterschool swim practices, and theater classes. The navigation is touch-based, so she just needs to tap or swipe for easy navigation with a 1.19″ AMOLED touch-screen display, and the vibration mode won’t be a distraction because it quietly alerts her to incoming emails, calls, text messages, and upcoming calendar events discreetly.

Time Well Spent

And did I mention it is fun also?  Since it is wirelessly synced via Bluetooth 4.1 LE connectivity with her smartphone, it has the ability to take selfies, ring her phone, and access music on top of setting and keeping track of goals. She loves the chunky, yet lightweight and sturdy stainless steel, and a round 42mm casing which makes it easy to program and view the interface. It’s as though she has her very own Google Assistant because she can do everything from keep track of upcoming flights and travel plans, to accessing Google Pay, so she can pay almost anywhere that accepts credit cards. The built-in battery is active up to 24-hours when fully charged for long-term usage.

Time Waits for No One

Your first “real watch” is a right of passage, and finding one like the Michael Kors Runway edition with works with Android and iPhone devices is not only “smart,” but fashionable, adding an extra flare to all of her outfits whether they be casual everyday clothing, or times when she needs to dress up. Overall, I am very pleased with this product, and highly recommend it for yourself, or the budding fashionista in your life who can use some help organizing!

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