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Made in America: Holiday Gifts

Holiday Gifts Made in The USA

Our Made In American gift guide has kindly been sponsored by these wonder brands that Michelle Vale has worked with over the years.

JetSet Family devotees… are you ready for the frenzy of holiday shopping about to be ensued? Well, I’m about to make your life a little easier.  Take a sigh of relief! If any of our readers are looking for a guide of American made gifts that are both cool and curated… this is the guide to read.

And if your truly looking to “Make America Great Again,” this is a sure fire way to help do that.

With the exception of a few items made in North America by our Canadian friends, all of the goods are made in USA. Who (by the way,) are welcoming us with open arms, should you choose to relocate for a few years.

This is my 3rd guide, so be sure to check out my two prior guides for additional ideas which I’ve included links below. Keep in mind, some of these gifts are unisex and can work across age groups as well.

Sooo without further adieu…

Gifts for Kids (Ages 5-11)                                

Holiday Gifts Made in AmericaThe Sporty: Blitz Ball and Bat for backyard or beach time fun. Any kid, no matter what age, needs one of these. My son pointed out to me this summer, his bat said made in USA, knowing this is super important to me. There are different ball and bat options and varying price points.

Holiday Gifts Made in AmericaThe Artist: An easel was at the top of my daughter’s list this year. I was thrilled to find Beka makes theirs here in in the US. Its made of real wood (eco-friendly) and I love that it has a caddy too!

Holiday Gifts Made in AmericaThe Princess: I often find my make up kit has been ransacked and I know just where to look to find the missing pieces. I am ok with the experimentation, but not keen on the ingredients in some of my product, so I took to the world wide web to investigate non-toxic, made in USA make-up kits. Bingo, I found one. Kooalo is the brand and they also make face paints, great for birthday parties and Halloween.


The Brainiac: Pajaggle is a board game that has won all kinds of awards. It focuses on the basics of spatial recognition and it’s great for pretty much all ages. More interaction with people, less interaction with screens. Holiday Gifts Made In America

The Adventurer: Came across this while perusing the L.L. Bean site (more on them below). The Zipfy mini luge is going to be a hit with my kids and I, if we ever see snow again, here in NYC. And if we don’t, it’s small enough to pack for a future trip up north! Its a sled you can steer. Fun times ahead!

*On their site, they have a link to encourage community races internationally. Sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon.

Holiday Gifts Made In AmericaThe Swimmer: Ever dream of being a mermaid? Your wish is their command. Thank you Swimtails! Kids are going crazy over these. They proudly make every Swimtail in Colorado. In fact, they recently began insourcing the production of the fabric itself, so not only is it made here, but the fabrics used are made here too. Their seamstresses are graduates from local fashion schools who are being paid a living wage for their hard work, even at the entry level. Truly a brand with heart!

Also, the Lazy Bunz is a cool take on a pool float. And bonus it’s better quality and won’t pop! Kid tested, adult approved.

Kids Gifts (Ages 11-17)

Holiday Gifts Made In AmericaThe One with Nature: Wiggys sleeping bags. At some point school trips, sleep away camp and overnight camping will come knocking at the door. I wanted to find a sleeping bag that would be super warm and well made to last throughout the years. This one will definitely hold up.

Holiday Gifts Made In AmericaThe Skate Rat: Board Pushers, Made in Canada, Assembled in the USA. I love, love, love this site. You can customize your own skate board top and bottom. And if you want to take it one step further you can even draw your own skateboard template that works with your cell phone. I created the most rad board for my daughter’s birthday this year and it’s the one thing she uses more than anything we have ever given her. The customer service was great too!

Holiday Gifts Made In AmericaThe Designer: Kids love changing up their rooms, but it can get super expensive so I encouraged my kids to pick out a really nice, well made, solid-colored blanket as the focal point and than decorate accordingly. Company Store has been making blankets and pillows since 1911. 105 years later they are still going strong making things here. And worth pointing out, they have a pretty strong charitable arm, which is always a great bonus.


Gifts for Her

 malin-and-goetzThe Romantic: Pettigrain Fragrance by Malin and Goetz. This is a fresh, lovely scent, truly unique to anything I have smelled to date. Having grown up with a mother who works in fragrance, I have certainly smelled a lot! Malin and Goetz also have fabulous skincare and haircare products with great gift sets for the holidays. Be sure to see below for my favorite pick which is my latest obsession under stocking stuffers.

Holiday Gifts Made In AmericaThe Fit: Nesh yoga/workout gear. Dare to be different… Lulu Lemon be gone! Nesh makes chic workout gear that will keep you looking stylish before, during and after your workout. The materials are super soft and comfy too. My personal fave pic… the moto shegging. I am wearing them this instant.


Dance Body: The proof is in the pudding. At 5 weeks I have lost just shy of 2 inches from my waist! My body has definitely transformed as Katia, the owner, had promised. I went from covering up with loose tees, to working out in my cropped top with confidence. You can stream classes in your home or sign up for classes online. Current locations include NYC, The Hamptons and Miami. Gift certificates available online.

Holiday Gifts Made In America

The Sun Goddess:  L*Space Swimwear. Sunshine calls for beach and beach calls for great swimwear. That is exactly what you will find, in copious amounts, when you shop their site. L*Space is 100% manufactured in California. Vacation is calling!


Soak Sandals: Great for warm weather vacations that require ease, style and comfort and for the spring/summer months too. Manufactured in Maine, Soak sandals are made of bpa- free/non phalate PVC. They are recyclable and 100 percent made in USA, including the packaging.


The Bling:  Loren Stewart Jewels. Sparkly and shiny always wins. My hubby bought me a pair of gold and diamond earrings from this brand a couple years ago and they are definitely my go to.


Kacey K: Personalized jewels never looked so good with many different options to choose from. Proudly made in NYC.


deansThe Chocoholic: Dean’s Sweets, which are also made in Maine, are fantastically delicious. This brand is truly innovative with standouts including their sea salt caramels, bacon butter crunch and potato chip bar. They even have vegan items! Maine is grabbing up all kinds of awards for their culinary clout and Dean’s is an “in the know” chocolate standout.

The Health Nut: Maple is a fresh approach to food delivery. They combine New York’s best chefs and culinary talent with high-quality ingredients and rotating daily menus. This is a thoughtful gift for someone to give to a mom who wants/needs a night off from cooking, but doesn’t want the result to be greasy/unhealthy takeout. Currently serving NYC with additional locations in the works. P.S. This is a great gift for a bachelor too.

Holiday Gifts Made In America


Holiday Gifts Made In AmericaThe Cozy: Coats, made in Canada. For the woman who is an individual. I for one prefer non-branded items to branded. I do not like to have what everyone else has. These coats do not have a loud logo and they are truly luxe with fur-trimmed hoods and leather accents. I had reached out to them expressing interest in a faux fur hood option, which they are working to sample now. I know there are many consumers out there that want the warmth but don’t feel right about the animal fur. It’s good to know there are brands out there actually listening to the consumer. My husband saw mine and instantly said… I want in! Shhh… I know he’ll be happy, with at least one of his gifts for sure, this Christmas ;).

The Splurge: Pamela Love Fine Jewelry. Truly one of a kind pieces that will make her heart melt. Pamela won both the CFDA Swarovski Award For Accessory Design in 2013 and the CFDA Lexus Eco Challenge For Sustainable Design in 2012. Although I am certain there will be something splurge worthy on the site for your one and only, they also offer custom/bespoke options if your looking to up the ante!


Gifts for Him

The Metrosexual: Citizens of Humanity. My husband loves his jeans and L.A. is still a thriving hub for denim manufacturing, making denim a great gift option. Check your labels peeps. Citizens has been around for awhile and continues to garner a cult following so you can’t go wrong.

vineboxThe Wine Enthusiast: Vinebox. Gone are the days of opening a bottle of vino on a Wednesday night for just one glass to have it slowly spoil over the next few days, because you were not home to finish it. Glass size pours, packaged in a test tube… absolutely brilliant! And although they sell global brands, they are in the process of building a facility in California right now that will allow for them to fraction domestic wines into their by-the-glass format! Hello domestic job creator!

The Classic: Dohm winter accessories. A pretty sure thing. Everyone needs a hat unless you live in the Caribbean and plan to never step foot out. This company, located in the Colorado Rockies, is creating high quality hats and more and most have a felt inner lining, which finally helps put to bed, those itchy forehead moments!

buffalo-trace-1The Bourbon Aficionado: Buffalo Trace. A definite must try that any guy will swoon over. I have taken a liking to it myself, so edgy chicks will dig this gift too. Priced well, it’s a great under $50 gift for the newly dating or your favorite nephew. They also make a bourbon cream… Thanksgiving Day will warrant a taste.


Blanton’s Single Barrel: A bit more expensive, but still under $100. For the more committed. 

The Shoe Lover: L.L. Bean Shearling Lined Boots. Great for rain or snow and they look super cool on. Oh and they make them for women too

The Culinary Whiz: Calphalon Nonstick Signature pots and pans are a great gift for the chef at heart. These pans are not only made in USA, but they are also PFOA-free and perform as effectively as stainless steel. They have a lifetime warranty and are dishwasher safe. I had been researching an option like this for awhile and decided on these, an avid cook myself. They can be purchased individually or in sets.


steakThe Griller: For the guy who is a grilling master. 8 O’clock Ranch offers 100 percent humanely raised, grass-fed meats delivered to your door. You can purchase grilling packages anytime or buy into their CSA (Communtity Supported Agriculture)share program, which means that every month that you have a membership, they’ll send you fresh cuts of meat. It works out much less expensive than buying from the retailer. This is something I will definitely be trying out.

greenfieldThe Splurge: A quality product and a one of a kind experience for the dapper dude who is sharp and likes the finer things in life. Greenfiled Clothiers in Brooklyn offers custom tailored suits for the sophisticated + stylish gent in your life. Having suited many celebrities and presidents, Martin Greenfield is a holocaust survivor who founded the company in 1977. You can go to them for an authentic experience and visit the factory, or they will come to you. Prices range from $1500-$2300. For in home or at work fittings contact contact@mgreenfield.com for pricing.

Stocking Stuffers for All

candyThe Sweet Tooth: Trujoy (Canada) think starburst but with natural colors and flavoring; Surfsweets: Gummy bears and worms, sour or not. My kids love them! And Unreal: Candy coated chocolates and other goodies. All available at Whole Foods markets.

The Jock: Young or old the Sisu mouthguard. Super light, comfortable and cutting edge technology. They state it’s “an astonishingly thin, unbelievably strong mouthguard which offers more protection and less mouthguard”. My son totally agrees.

The Hot Lips: Malin and Goetz Lip Moisturizer… addictive! Comes flavorless or in tasty Mojito.

lingerThe Lingerer: For the lady who wants to linger in the mind and scent of a certain individual, just a little bit longer. Have you ever walked by someone and got a waft of their fragrance? I have always envied those women as my perfume never seems to last. That is until now. Linger is a fragrance primer that allows your fragrance to last longer. Genius!

Hostess Gifts

The Scented: Goop’s Edition 01 Winter candle. It’s non toxic and packaged beautifully.An elegant gift for the hostess with the mostest.


The Buzzed: Robert Sinskey POV 2012 Los Carneros, Napa Valley. Can’t say enough about this wine. It’s a standard on our date nights whenever we dine at “The Dutch” in NYC.


The Decorative Edible: Dean’s Sweets again! They make a gorgeous layered tree centerpiece made of pure chocolate… dark or milk

Happy Holidays to all… now get shopping. 

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Written by Michelle Vale

Michelle Vale

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