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Linge Ballet Shoes



What I originally thought was strictly going to be my go-to TSA travel shoes have now become almost an every day occurrence. I’m always on the search for fabulous ballet flats for traveling, but I never considered ACTUAL ballet slippers and I was very intrigued to see what Linge Shoes was about to send my way. Their website boasts that they were traditional ballet shoes and the colors were fantastic!


So when the package arrived, I had no idea what to expect. I had ordered the ballet shoes in Caramel, but truthfully, I really had a hard time deciding. The turquoise and charcoal ones really stood out, but I figured the neutral color would suit me better while on the road. I opened the packages and their website was completely accurate. They are traditional ballet shoes from the sole to strap and thin tie. Just like the ones you had when you were a little girl. Only cuter.


Since I am not flying at all this month, I decided to wear the shoes on a recent outing in LA. I knew I would be on my feet all day. I am happy to say they were very comfortable. I really enjoyed wearing them and I was asked a few times where I found them. That’s how I judge whether something is a complete fashion hit or miss. These my friends? Are apparently a hit.

A few days later I found myself back up in LA running around for the Golden Globes in heels. By the drive home I was miserable. I was so happy to see I stuck my pair of Linge shoes in my bag. I put them on the moment I hit the car and drove home so happy.

I am crazy about the colors. Which ones would you pick?
Hugs & passports,

– Nicole

Photo credits: Nicole Standley

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Review overview
  • Real Army of Moms January 15, 2014

    I love the ballet flats. I will have to order some before my trip next month.

  • Angela Kinder January 15, 2014

    Those ballet shoes are cute! I’d love to own a pair!

  • They do look nice. I think I’d use them for wearing around the house. I like stuff to cover my feet in the summer that won’t make them hot. I have arch problems, so I can’t walk around in shoes that don’t have foot support.

  • cindy b January 15, 2014

    Love those ballet shoes! they are so cute! Love your different pics to show them off! Super adorable!

  • Victoria January 15, 2014

    Really lovely. I seem to keep seeing ballet shoes online everywhere at the moment LOL! I would choose caramel as they seem to go with everything.

  • Danielle @ We Have It All January 15, 2014

    Oh these are cute! They look so comfy too!

  • Heather January 15, 2014

    I never thought to wear ballet shoes for comfort. I have some. Who knew? I think they look great in caramel

  • Grace Hodgin January 15, 2014

    I think ballet flats are a must to carry along when wearing heels. They also look cute for around the house.

  • Jessica January 15, 2014

    Super cute! I would pick the purple!

  • Rosey January 16, 2014

    I bet those do feel so good after a day in heels!

  • KIM January 16, 2014

    cute and comfy…my style all the way! I like the color you chose and your photos really are great !

  • Lexie Lane January 16, 2014

    Those are really cute! I can’t wear flats like that though because I’m so short.

  • Debi@TheSpringMount6Pack January 18, 2014

    Those are adorable. I have always wanted a pair like that.

  • valmg @ Mom Knows It All January 19, 2014

    I’ve never actually worn ballet slippers. I’ve heard they are very comfy. I can see where a pair would be helpful to stick in your bag for during travel.

  • Marysa January 19, 2014

    These are adorable.. and there is a special place in my heart for ballet, since I took ballet as a child. I would love a pair of these!


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