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Her Story: Tool Time with JetSet Mom

THREAD by Leatherman

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Leatherman. All opinions are 100% mine.

     When the big dog is away the kitty cats will play, or at least go to everyone’s favorite Swedish DIY furniture store. And that’s exactly what Kiddo and I did. After roaming aisle after aisle for a bunch of stuff I’m not even going to pretend I can pronounce, I completely forgot the main purpose of the visit to begin with. “Yes, of course we need this funky shaped dish brush!” A new clock for the room we never go in? “Sure!” (Which is still packaged neatly with the packaged photos I have no idea where to hang…)We slowly walked and studied each and every 800-square foot living space one after the next, completely perplexed why first my post-college apartment didn’t even come close to resembling this. Come to think of it, why doesn’t my NOW how feel like this?

Leatherman Tread

     So immediately I embarked on a quest to make the house I’ve lived in for the last 5 years, more “homey.” Talk about inspiration. :: Insert golf clap here ::

     This is the thing, if Hubs gets home from his trip and sees my new HEMNES or MALSJÖ, he wouldn’t even bat an eyelash and think, “It looks great, Hon.” However, if he walks in and is welcomed with 50 flat cardboard boxes of DIY LIATORPs, the man is going to have some serious issues and his brain might explode. Or at least major PTS from our last trip to the holy land of things that I cannot pronounce. I mean we’ve all seen that viral video of Ryan Reynolds trying to put together the baby crib by now, right? Maybe he should have had the Leatherman TREAD. I know that’s what I’m going to use. 

THREAD by Leatherman

What is the Leatherman TREAD?

     So what do you get the person that has everything, but loves gifts? The Leatherman TREAD. It’s cool, sleek, functional, and completely practical. It was under the tree this Christmas with Hubs name all over it, but you can bet it ends up in my tool bag every time he leaves it out. Which is almost never. Since he can travel with it, the stainless steel Leatherman TREAD has basically become one with his body. 

THREAD by Leatherman

     TREAD is the newest member of the Leatherman family. It’s a wearable multi-tool made of corrosion resistant material, each link has 2-3 tools, so you can have 29 tools including Allen wrenches, screwdrivers, and box wrenches at your finger tips with you at all times. Come to think of it, why do I need my tool bag at all anymore? The TREAD is there to settle my needs from morning to night, make it possible to fix and tighten whatever is thrown my way.

THREAD by Leatherman

     But this time? He did. He conveniently forgot it on the counter, and now I’m in possession of the world’s first “Anytime, Anywhere” wearable multi-tool. And that was a big enough sign for me to begin constructing a coffee table and new dresser. And it’s attractive as well. Sleek, stylish and modern which has my name all over it. Never did I imagine those words to ring from my lips, but it’s true. The design makes me feel independent and oh, so cute.

THREAD by Leatherman

      It’s like bad-to-the-bone wrist candy. I should probably invest in one of my own, but why when I can keep him on his toes? 

      To learn more about the TREAD visit them at Leatherman or follow along on Twitter and Instagram with the #AlwaysOnTread hashtag.

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