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Beating Jet Lag

What is jet lag? jet lag /noun/ extreme tiredness and other physical effects felt by a person after a long flight across several time zones. Jet leg is the worst. And it is pointless trying to escape the angry clutches of this beast; however there are tiny ways to repel the little monster

Discovering Brian Head Southern Utah

Up until this recently, heading to Utah was just a quiet blip on our radar and casually mentioned as a possible destination when discussing family travel plans. But now? We can't seem to escape the idea. Everyone from the moms and dads on the playground at school, to our friends across social media are talking about Cedar City,

Montage Hotel Pool | The JetSet Family

Traveling is wonderful, but can be stressful. Now toss in the holidays and there is nothing zen about it.  Did you know almost 100 million Americans travel each holiday season? I knew it was a lot, but never realized that many. Then factor in bad weather and the high cost of traveling

#SwissGear 24%22 Hardcase Travel | The JetSet Family

Life constantly sends little reminders throughout the years that playfully nudge me into remembering I'm not a fly by the seat of my pants college kid anymore. During my most recent jab I came to the clear realization that I'm too darn old to shove all of my belongings into an overpacked carry-on

ROAD TRIP: There is a method to the holiday travel madness. Today on The JetSet Family, we’re sharing tips and tricks for holiday road trips thanks to our sponsor, @Chevrolet.

This post is sponsored by Chevrolet Traverse. As much as I love seeing family and friends during Christmastime, I still can't wrap my arms tightly around the road trip part. I know the "big man" is making a list and checking it twice, but I can't lie: The very thought of

Anthony Bourdain shooting 'Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown' on location in Salvador, Brazil on January 9, 2014.

I'm just going to say it, I have a whopping crush on Anthony Bourdain. Huge. I always have and I'm pretty sure I always will. My husband is well aware of this fact, and part of me thinks he has adopted the "I can't blame her," attitude. I've always dreamt of

Travel with Discover it Miles® card | The JetSet Family

Bitten by wanderlust, I'm always wondering where my next adventure will lead. I've quickly come to realize that having the right credit card is crucial when it comes to traveling for many reasons from signature perks and exchange rates to security fraud protection and card replacement services. The last thing you want

Nicole Standley

The cat's out of the bag! Big things going on here at The JetSet Family, in addition to introducing some rad contributors to our roster. I've signed on over at Hilton Mom Voyage to be one of the newest members of their team. Last month, I headed to Washington D.C. for official HMV

How to Travel Instagram Better

This post was authored by Nicole Standley and originally featured on Savvy Sassy Moms January 9, 2014. Don’t Let Your Instagram Turn Into Instadrag! Instagram is my favorite social media platform. I cannot think of another app or social site that I am so ridiculously overprotective about. I am on a mad crusade

Sponsored My New Year's resolutions never seem to stick. However, my love for travel and exploring the world definitely kept my interest and keeps me motivated. I tend to write a million lists in detail on December 30th, and decorate my vision board with all of the best places I hope to visit,

Travel Bloggers to Follow | The JetSet Family

On the JetSet Radar: Travel Bloggers  As The JetSet Family expands and explores uncharted territories with new sections and features this summer, I felt it was really important to celebrate the community that has not only welcomed me with open arms, but the travel bloggers that have inspired me and cared enough to

Prada Marfa Road Trip Playlist

On the Road: Travel Playlist Vol. 1 It's officially June and I cannot stop thinking about all of the road trip possibilities the next few months is going to bring with kids, without and even solo. From the beach to the mountains and everything in between, there is something about jumping


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