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Inside The REP Room at Taylor Swift Shows

Find Out How to Meet Taylor Swift backstage

Greetings from Taylor Swift’s Rep Room!

JetSet Teen Correspondent, Sydney Stropp, goes behind-the-scenes inside the VIP Rep Room at a recent Taylor Swift Show

Ever wonder what goes on backstage at a Taylor Swift concert? Did you know that her concerts have a special room backstage for lucky fans to meet Taylor Swift? Yep, a handful of diehard Swifties are chosen at each show to visit the VIP Rep Room for a meet-and-greet with Taylor and photo op. Our amazing teen correspondent, Sydney Stropp (second from left,) was hand picked by Taylor’s mom, Andrea, for this once in a lifetime experience. Today she is sharing her story about what it was like to meet the Pop Princess backstage at one of her shows inside the infamous Rep Room during this summer’s Reputation Tour. 


Taylor Swift Fans Picked for VIP Rep Room Meet and Greet

The Rep Room

Even my mom told me to be prepared for rejection.


We worked for months, and we were telling ourselves we weren’t going to get in.


When we stacked two tutus on top of each other, when we spray-painted our own cropped t-shirts, when we cut our signs ourselves, when we learned every word to the opening acts’ and Taylor’s songs, we still didn’t think it was going to happen.


Even when Andrea Swift (Taylor Swift’s mother,) herself was holding my shaking hands, looking at my teary face and telling me I made it, I didn’t believe it.


Taylor Swift's Mother Andrea Picks Fans


What Is The Rep Room?


I didn’t believe it until I sat in the stands with my two best friends, Anna and Jane, and talked with the people around us who had also been rewarded for being such dedicated fans with a free meet-and-greet with Taylor Swift. Oh my God, I realized, I’m actually going to meet the person I’ve looked up to for years. I’m going to hug her and she’s going to say my name and, oh, my God, this is going to be the best night of my life.


I held my best friends’ hands as we were the first people to walk into the rep room. For anyone that doesn’t know, the rep room is a free meet-and-greet given to dedicated fans at Taylor Swift’s reputation stadium tour. The room itself is absolutely gorgeous, and I cannot believe they put this entire thing together and then take it down and move it across the globe on a nightly basis.


Inside Taylor Swift Backstage REP Room


They have several couches, and they have a number of glass cases that hold costumes from Taylor’s various reputation-era music videos. Posters from movies Taylor references in her songs are hung up along the fake spray-painted walls, reading “Reputation” over and over. Pizza (really good pizza, at that) and chips and brownies and cupcakes are served with water and sodas, and everyone who’s in the room sits and talks about how in awe they are, stopping occasionally to watch Taylor’s music videos play on the TVs in the room.


Meeting Taylor Swift


We were instructed to turn off our phones, and, us, all knowing what that meant, eagerly arranged ourselves into a line. Everyone continued to talk eagerly, and suddenly we heard commotion toward the front of the line, and we saw Taylor’s own head popping out from the curtain separating us from her.


“Hi! I love you guys!” she exclaimed before retreating to the meet-and-greet area.


Fans meet Taylor Swift backstage at meet and greet


We were in awe, obviously, and excitement was crackling like electricity at our fingertips. Later on, Andrea reappeared and welcomed whoever was at the front of the line with a generous hug. My best friends and I, upon reaching the front of the line, chatted with Andrea about the show and about Taylor. She was such a sweetheart, and so funny and so genuinely kind to all of us. We got a cute Polaroid picture with her before being called into the room to meet Taylor.


Jane and I walked in slowly, taking everything in, while Anna wasted no time in bolting inside and throwing her arms around Taylor, who laughed.


“Hi!” Anna squeaked, eyes shut tight, still having not let go of the pop star. Jane and I stood there in awe of the 5”11 singer in front of us. This was a dream come true as we had been following her for so long (Jane has idolized Taylor for much longer than I have, though) and she was finally there, standing in front of us.


Taylor Swift Said MY Name!


Taylor hugged each of us individually and Jane, unable to contain her genuine excitement, launched into how she found Taylor at five years old and has loved her and her music ever since. Taylor smiled and hugged Jane again, telling her that she does the rep room for people like her. The ones who had been such dedicated fans for so long and who Taylor had never had the chance to meet.


Jane smiled and introduced us all, to which Taylor responded by looking at each of us individually and repeating our names aloud to herself. To this day, Taylor Swift looking me in the eyes and saying, “Sydney,” still makes me ecstatic.


Taylor Swift Meet and Greet


Taylor said she liked our costumes, so I explained that we were dressed as “drama queens takin’ swings,” a line from So It Goes, and that we had brought tiny inflatable bats with us that we couldn’t take into the room. She said she loved that, and that’s when the photographer reminded us that we had to take a photo, too.


We all posed, and Taylor leaned her face close to mine. I still cannot believe that I had Taylor Swift’s arm around my waist and her face ¼ of an inch from mine.


Final Thoughts


Jane handed Taylor a letter she had written the day before because although she didn’t think we were going to get in, she wanted to be prepared. Thank God she wrote the note because I know that she would’ve regretted it if she hadn’t written out everything she wanted Taylor to know.


Taylor Swift Meet and Greet


Anna and I praised Jane’s songwriting ability after she had said that it was Taylor who inspired her to write in the first place. Eventually, though, we had to go, and Taylor hugged us all one last time before telling us to have a safe trip home. We told her we loved her and she returned the phrase before we left, squealing and shaking and crying.


I don’t think that I’ll ever have a night as special to me as that one.


And I still don’t really believe that I was chosen out of so many people to meet Taylor Swift, but I was, and it changed my life.


Have Your Favorite Taylor Swift Song?

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  • Kristin Meale July 16, 2018

    I am going to the Pittsburgh Show. I have been to the Columbus show this year also, but I just had to see her one more time. About four years ago, I was diagnosed with epilepsy and it has changed so much in my life. I have always loved Taylor so much. Her music has always gotten me through, but none more so than Reputation. Being epileptic has made me feel like an outsider in a way I could have never imagined, and her strength and her words have literally been the only thing that have gotten me through the darkest periods of my epilepsy. It would mean more than anything in the world for me to thank her for that. I know people probably ask you for tips all the time, but I would love to know if there’s anything I should know to improve my chances of getting into the Rep Room. Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m so happy for you. Thank you =)

  • Marisa Belcaro July 18, 2018

    Hi! I am so so sorry for the inconvenience and I know there is a one in a million chance of you seeing this message, but I just have one question. First off, my best friend and I are going to the Reputation Stadium Tour on July 21 at the Metlife Stadium! I, as well as her, have been huge fans of Taylor for years on end. I’ve been researching and I’m trying to find out how I could possibly get access to a meet and greet for the both of us. Honestly, I am attempting to do so, because of the fact that we’re such huge fans, but it’s mostly because her birthday is the 23rd, and I just want to give her the absolute best birthday present; it would honestly make her night, as well as mine for sure! Once again, I apologize for any inconvenience, but if there’s any way, please let me know. I would greatly appreciate that 🙂 I know it’s probably impossible, but I figured it was worth a shot! Thank you for your time

  • Tiffany July 21, 2018

    ‘Drama queens taking swings’ is a lyric from Call it What You Want not So It Goes. You might want to fix your article.


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