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How-to Save on American Girl Dolls

American Girl Hotel Package at The Orlando Hotel

American Girl Deals + Giveaways this Holiday


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December Deals:

UPDATE: 12/5/2016 You can get additional savings with an Ebates account

UPDATE: 12/8/2016 Free Shipping on American Girl orders over $50 until December 14. Use promo code: FS12914 at checkout. 

UPDATE: 12/9/2016 Giveaway – Did you know we are giving away an American Girl doll right now? Enter to win one of your very own by clicking this link –> The JetSet Family Wants to Make Your American Girl dreams come true!

December 2nd: Receive the Stylin’ Bangs or Double Braided Headband for $5, with a $75+ purchase.

December 3rd: Select “stocking stuffers” are 50% off, including books, DVDs, and Special Edition mini dolls.

December 4th: Save on select (doll-not-included) special collections*

December 5th: Buy a Cute and Comfy Set for Doll + Cute and Comfy Lounge Pants for Girls and save $10

December 6th: Save 20% on select furniture items

December 7th – 12th: Receive a complimentary gift for current and new loyalty members ($50+ purchase required)!

*Some exclusions apply.

As always, we love seeing you here at American Girl Place Los Angeles!

My favorite annual holiday shopping tradition is attending a very special shopping event at our American Girl Place at The Grove in Los Angeles. They close the store early to the public (and children,) allowing grown ups to start Christmas shopping in private with complete with personal shoppers. The event in complimentary, but it is invite-only, and A handful of us mix and mingle while we wander the store and shop in peace.

But make no mistake. That doesn’t mean that I don’t check out the online sales as well!

UPDATE: Cyber Monday Sale has begun and you can get additional savings with an Ebates account

You might want to consider bookmarking this page, or sharing it with your friends because Black Friday and Cyber Monday are quickly approaching and that means one thing: American Girl Dolls!  One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, “Do American Girl ever go on sale?” 

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American Girl TrulyMe

How to save on American Girl?

First things first. Have you signed up for the AG Rewards program yet? If not, do this now! You are really going to want to. I wish this was made available a few years ago since I cringe whenever I think of the amount of money I’ve handed over to American Girl. 

Tip #1: The American Girl brand is heavily active across all social media platforms, so it’s wise to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram for all the latest and greatest news.

CANCELLED: The TODAY Show: Jill’s Steals and Deals. (Updated 11/19/2016) It has been brought to our attention by JetSetFam reader Kayla G. that Jill’s Steals and Deals will no longer feature American Girl. Prior to this information, viewers would watch for this amazing segment where first quality AG dolls, clothes and accessories which are largely discounted. American Girl will usually announce it the morning of on Facebook as well. These are offers you can’t refuse.

They happen a few times a year and one of my favorite deals happened to be two different style American Girl dolls with book, dress and accessory set. They were offering both Marie-Grace and Cecile for $60 each. Yes, regular price $168. Ah-maz-ing! To put this in perspective, just one doll with full accessories (not including an extra outfit,) is $129. Now that’s a steal and deal.

American Girl Black Friday and Cyber Monday Annual Sale

Tip #2: The Cyber Monday Sale is a great gauge to determine which dolls might be heading to the archives. At one point we had already knew Molly and Emily were about to be retired, but based on the Cyber Monday sale, so was Ivy! Fast forward a few months, Ivy returned to the archives.

American Girl Black Friday Sale. For the first time, in 2015, American Girl offered a “Black Friday Weekend” where every product (including dolls) were 20% off the full price. Using the code: GIFT20 The website and stores also had a number of items on sale for 30% as well. Free shipping was not offered. 

American Girl Cyber Monday Sale. We try our hardest not to buy American Girl stuff before the Cyber Monday Sale. Even though they will usually run a special Free Shipping promo around the week of Thanksgiving, you are still going to pay full price and that comes along with a hefty price tag.

Only selected items are on sale during Cyber Monday; however have no fear, they typically run another free shipping promo about a week later. While you cannot beat the prices, CM usually focuses on pieces from a few specific doll collections both current and past. It rarely includes the dolls themselves.

American Girl Goodie Bags

When does the American Girl Cyber Monday sale begin?  Get your refresh button ready because American Girl’s biggest sale of the year goes live at 1 am EST, midnight CST and 10 pm PST (Sunday night).

So is the American Girl Cyber Monday sale worth it? To give you an idea, we spent $146.00 on 11 items saving a grand total of $186. That breaks down to costing about $13.27 per outfit!  Add on shipping $16.95 and $12.22 for tax, the total bill was $175.17 or $15.93 for each item which still is fantastic.  This sale really does benefit those who are planning to buy a handful of items.

Tip #3: Last year, the American Girl website had 22 pages of clothes, accessories, books, DVDs and mini dolls available for purchases of up to 60% off. It took a total of 1.5 hours to load, complete the transaction and check-out because of the amount of traffic. Be patient and you should be able to secure everything you want at a significant discount. We did.

The longer the sale went on, the easier it was to organize your shopping bag and check-out smoothly without timing out the server. Those concerned about the email confirmation, last year it took almost a day for me to get mine. GOOD LUCK!

American Girl Deals

Daily Deals. Cyber Monday didn’t have what you hoped for? No worries, did you know that the day after the Cyber Monday event American Girl offers Daily Deals which change every day that week? And historically there has been free shipping!

Yep. So you will have another opportunity to grab current merch that you’ve had your eye on for up to 50% off. These deals are also available in-store.

Most incredible deal so far? I’d say was Julie’s Bed. It was regularly $125. At the time, we scored it on a daily deal for $62.50 + NO SHIPPING!

After Christmas Sales. American Girl offers a year end sale with 30% off selected items, in-store only. Valid through December 31st.

American Girl Free Shipping

Free Shipping. Yes, this does happen periodically throughout the year. Especially, before Thanksgiving – so take advantage! Remember how I mentioned American Girl will typically offer free shipping discounts twice during the holidays? That is a great time to take advantage if you are planning on buying bigger items like dolls and furniture like Maryellen Larkin’s Diner Set, Grace’s French Bakery and the Grace doll which is being retired on December 31, 2015.

American Girl Giveaway

Tip #4: Follow The JetSet Family on Instagram and Facebook for giveaways! And I want you to win a doll of your choice!

American Girl Doll Giveaway: A few times a year, The JetSet Family will run giveaways for your chance to win dolls and gift certificates for American Girl. Our next one will be running very soon, right in time for the holidays. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram for your next chance to win a doll of your choice!

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Find out how to save money on American Girl | The JetSet Family


Tip #5: So JetSet Family FB fanLaurie Urbanski Hanson recently shared with us that $100 American Girl Gift cards are available at Costco for $80. “Not all the Costco’s have them so check out another if yours doesn’t have them.” And FB fan, Melisa Smithwick, told us Costco is also known to sell “doll packages” for $99 which includes the doll and clothing. In 2015, the previously archived, Caroline, was offered during Thanksgiving.


Tip #6: Do you know about Zulily? It is one of our favorite websites for scoring great deals on American Girl dolls, clothes and accessories. Membership is free and throughout the year, they will have big sales on American Girl Dolls. Click here to find out how to sign up for Zulily.


Tip #7: (Updated 11/19/2016) JetSet reader Jennifer J. just chimed in and let us know that a selection of  American Girl WellieWishers are now available at Kohl’s! “You can’t use any coupons or promos but you do get the $10 Kohl’s cash.” American Girl Girl of the Year, Lea Clark,  is also available at Kohl’s. For those not familiar with the new line of WellieWishers, they are a group of five friends who try their best to be well-wishers, who show kindness to others. 


Bonus Tip:  Have you heard about Ebates.com yet?  Whatever you do, do not make one more online shopping purchase without signing up. It’s free, and sends you a percentage back of everything you spend online every quarter. Last Christmas alone we received a check for a few hundred dollars just for spending our own money. There’s nothing to be spectical about either. It’s the same as the rebates program we’ve had for years, just online now. Start all of your shopping at Ebates.com

The lowest checks I’ve received from Ebates.com have been $180 and $54. Next quarter almost THREE THOUSAND! Don’t miss out on money you are already spending!

Other Tips + Tricks for Saving on American Girl 

Gift Cards. Family and friends know the way to JetSet Tot’s heart is through AG. So we rely heavily on American Girl gift cards they send her throughout the year. Instead of using them one by one, we collect them and purchase what she was hoping for — signing the card from them so she knows. It really means a lot to her having her loved ones be a part of what she enjoys the most.

Divide and conquer. Since the best sales are during the Christmas holiday, we try and take advantage by buying as much possible. Then once the packages are delivered. I go through and decide which items Santa will bring and which ones will be saved for her upcoming birthday two weeks later, Valentine’s Day and her Easter basket. I also keep one or two gifts hidden just incase something special comes up like an award or “just because” gift.

American Girl Complimentary Personal Shopping Service

Personal Shoppers. We’ve been with the same American Girl Personal Shoppers for the last 4 years. They are basically part of our family now. They will not only help us in a pinch, but is always available to answer questions, help us shop without the crowds, pull items and extend invitations to exclusive events that we would not normally be privy to.

Or when Julie’s Egg Chair is seriously back-ordered before the holidays, if they see one come in, they not only instantly call you, but remind you that there is free shipping going on right now. Yup, our American Girl Personal Shoppers have saved Christmas on numerous occasions. xo

Then… we needed Julie’s Bed. We had every intention of purchasing it, but a flash sale for Daily Deals struck and placed it on sale for 50% off! AND FREE SHIPPING. You guessed it, they sold out right away. I called our Personal Shopper frantically, and she was on it – there was one in the store! Two days later – FedEx shows up at my door with Julie’s bed and bedding.

They not only regularly save our Xmas, but last year when a friend couldn’t find Molly and Tot decided she desperately wanted Saige on December 31st hours before she was to be discontinued. She came through for both.

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American Girl Special Offers, Coupons + Promo Codes

Free Shipping for October using promo code: TOGETHER15

Win a $100 American Girl Gift Card

New American Girl Sale Items Up to 40% off

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