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Ginger Shrimp + Garlic Zoodles Recipe

Ginger Shrimp Garlic Zoodles Recipe

Zoodles for Dinner?

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 🍴I’ve learned over the years that a little spritz can go a long way. Especially when you are navigating your child’s weekly school routine, swim practice, theatre class, and your own business, things can get crazy. Let’s not forget trying to plan low-fuss weeknight family dinners that are quick, easy, and delicious at the same time. I’m always on the hunt for new recipes that fit our needs. Ginger Shrimp and Zoodles is at the top of my list for favorite go to meals.

Ginger Shrimp with Garlic Zoodles

This easy-to-make recipe, and one-pot wonder is so flavorful, but the best part? Dinner is ready to enjoy in under 15-minutes. So break out the zucchini and veggie spiralizer for the zoodle pasta, add some fresh ginger (and garlic if you like,) salt and pepper to taste, some fresh prawns, lemon zest, sesame seeds, and I like to use PAM Spray Pumps instead of butter to give this savory dish a twist while lifting the flavors and preserving the food’s texture. That’s all you need for one of the most flavorful meals you’ll enjoy all week. 

Ginger Shrimp Garlic Zoodles Recipe

Easy Dinner Ideas

For nights I feel like switching things up a bit, but still want things to stay easy peasey, I’ll toss in some fresh mushrooms, asparagus, edamame, with some shredded carrots and peppers. Not only does it jazz up the color a bit, but it is much more filling for nights Kiddo swam her heart out. On the extremely rare occasion there are any leftovers, add some cilantro, mint, and wrap up the extras in a spring roll! My daughter loves it with that coconut sauce for lunch!

Everyone Loves Zoodles!

And zoodles taste great with everything! You can easily switch out the proteins in this dish and use chicken breast, or tofu instead of shrimp. I’ve tried them all, including marinated beef, and this recipe works beautifully with all of them. 

For those counting points with Weight Watchers, this recipe equals 3 SmartPoints per serving, so ENJOY!


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What is your favorite zoodle dish?

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