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Apple Camp: Creative Creatures Wanted

Free Apple Camp for Kids | The JetSet Family

Did you Apple Camp holds a special summer camp for kids and it’s FREE? Neither did I. Well that’s until this past summer when I caught wind of this amazing opportunity and jumped at the chance to sign Kiddo up. There are two camps each on focusing on a different software application Kiddo signed up for the Stories in Motion iMovies camp where she learned first-hand movie making skills from the Apple Geniuses. 

Free Apple Camp for Kids | The JetSet Family

Creative Creatures Wanted

The first day of Apple Camp the campers were greeted by their team of veteran camp counselors and given a bag full of swag that would make fellow Apple fans swoon. Each child received a rad apple green T-shirt with Apple Camp logo, a lanyard with Apple Camp name tag, their very own pair of Apple Ear Pods, and the coolest Apple Camp flash drive wristband. 

Free Apple Camp for Kids | The JetSet Family 

I’m going to start by letting you know that Apple Camp is no joke friends. Campers will learn everything they need to create their very own movies. On day one she was making storyboards, composed her own soundtrack using Garage Band and learned about making her visions become a reality by casting characters with actors. After camp, Kiddo Scorsese had me chauffeur her around Orange County in order to the perfect locations to film each one of her storyboard scenes.

Free Apple Camp for Kids | The JetSet Family

She really formed an appreciation for filmmaking and took her film debut rather seriously. Watching this from behind-the-scenes was really amazing. She took pride in playing director and making sure every little detail was perfect down to props and costume changes for the actresses.  

Plus, she learned how to navigate a Mac beyond simple iPad games and apps.

What You Need at Apple Camp

Just yourself! Children are asked to bring a digital camera or digital video camera to camp, but if you don’t have one, or your smart phone or tablet is an Android, Apple can provide a loaner to use for the day. A few children who were unable to shoot video at home shot video during camp with the help of counselors around the store and inside the mall. 

Free Apple Camp for Kids | The JetSet Family

On day 2, the little moviemakers brought their raw footage back to Apple Camp HQ’s where they were taught how to transfer and input the music they composed and uncut video into iMovie. Under the careful instruction and guidance of their amazing Camp Counselors, the kids also learned how to add transitions special effects and text for their opening and closing credits making it even more of big screen production. Before they left for the day, the kids saved their projects to their assigned iPad. 

Free Apple Camp for Kids | The JetSet Family

Lights, Camera, Action!

The last day of camp the kids had the opportunity to share their finished projects  in front of friends and family at the Apple Camp Showcase. They were awesome! Each child really tapped into their creative genius sides and captured an unique style. Upon completion each camper received a certificate and their wristband flash drive featuring their motion picture. 

Stay tuned because I’ll be uploading her video soon!

What to Know

If movie making isn’t your child’s “thing,” Apple Retail Stores also offer an Interactive Storytelling iBook Camp and Coding Games and Programming Robots. These fun, free workshops for kids ages 8 to 12 and are designed to make imaginations come alive. 

Free Apple Camp for Kids | The JetSet Family

Space is limited so make sure to sign-up for camp by RSVPing online as soon as possible. If all of the spaces are full, I highly suggest adding your child(ren)’s name to the waitlist. There are only 13 – 14 coveted spots available for each 3-day camp, but we were originally on the waitlist and Kiddo scored a space pretty quickly and received an aut0-email letting us know we were now signed up for the class of our choice. All campers must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian for the duration of the each workshop which lasts an hour and a half. At this time, we were offered the chance to take some cool iPad workshops at THE STUDIO with the Apple team.

Free Apple Camp for Kids | The JetSet Family

Not only is space limited, but it is available on a first-come, first-served basis and each child is limited to no more than one (1) Apple Camp workshop. You may want to gauge your child’s preference between the Stories in Motion iMovie workshop, Coding Games and Programming Robots, and the Interactive Storytelling iBook Camp prior to signing up for a specific date. I can’t stress this enough, but should you find out you cannot commit or can’t make a specific date, please do the right thing and cancel your reservation allowing another child to benefit. Remember: KARMA. 

All reservations are processed online, so Apple Retail Store employees cannot accept reservations in person or over the phone. So when is Apple Camp announced? Keep your eyes peeled on  The JetSet Family Facebook page where we let you know every year!

Click here to Sign up for Summer 2016 Apple Camp NOW!

Photo credits: Nicole Standley

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